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15 days sailing itinerary in the Bahamas

23 February 2022


15 days sailing itinerary in the Bahamas

Do you need some sun, coconut trees, turquoise lagoons and a place to clear your mind? Head out on a 15-day sailing itinerary in the Bahamas Islands to feel cut off from the world.

⛵The Bahamas is an extraordinary sailing destination

Just mentioning the name of the Bahamas is enough to make anyone dream. The country consists of hundreds of islands and thousands of beaches that await you there. With your sailboat, you will be able to admire the vibrant, warm colors of the ocean : from emerald green to turquoise blue. Renting a sailboat in the Bahamas is the ideal solution to discover the beauty of the ocean. Moreover, there will be no shortage of activities on your boat: snorkeling, scuba diving, relaxing and anchoring on dreamy islands. 

What you need to know about sailing in the Bahamas

This sailing itinerary in the Bahamas is relatively easy thanks to the mild weather and constant winds. The difficulty lies in anticipating the ocean floors, with sometimes only 1m of depth. The sandy or rocky bottom is clear and you will see the differences between sand and the darker areas where you will most likely find coral. Observing the color of the water is therefore a good reference for navigation. In addition to that, we recommend that you use marine charts. You will find few tidal phenomenons in the Bahamas, as the tide coefficients are very low, on the other hand you can reach 6 knots of current in some places.

☀️When should I go sailing in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is a perfect tropical destination all year round. Regardless of the time of year, the Bahamas offers perfect sailing conditions.

15-day sailing itinerary in the Bahamas

For your next vacation on a sailboat or catamaran, consider sailing for several weeks in the Caribbean. This 15 day itinerary will leave you astonished by the amazing scenery and will bless you with a lot of sunshine throughout your journey.

Departure: Great Guana Cay

This is the ideal starting point for a boating excursion in the Bahamas, as you will be immersed in the local culture right away. You will also be able to taste many Bahamian specialties in the small, picturesque village that sits on the island.

Stopover 1: Green Turtle Cay

20 nautical miles, 4 hours of sailing 

On this part of the island, you will find large stretches of sand and deserted beaches. If you love animals, head to No Name Cay, a small islet where you will see many families of pigs that love to go on the beaches and rub shoulders with tourists. 

Stopover 2: Great Turtle Cay Bullock Harbor

30 nautical miles, 6 hours of sailing

Bullock Harbor is also called “The Village” as this is where the majority of the locals live. You will find the main administrative offices there too. It is the ideal stopover to discover the local town and taste the culinary specialties of the Bahamas. 

Before heading to Elcuthera, we recommend a stopover in Nassau. This island is a good place for refueling your boat and getting your strength back before sailing to Eleuthera, where you should expect 40 miles or about 6 hours of navigation. 

Stopover 3: Bullock Harbor Eleuthera

40 nautical miles, 8 hours of sailing 

Eleuthera is a narrow and long island, which is particularly famous for its pink sandy beaches. You will even find a natural swimming pool called Ocean Hole populated by turtles and tropical fish. For surfing enthusiasts, you can go to Surfer’s Beach, where waves regularly come to delight adrenaline seekers. 

Stopover 4: EleutheraHighborne Cay

25 miles, 5 hours of sailing 

There is no lack of activities on this islet since it is in front of the deserted beach of Horseshoe Bay. You can discover the beautiful reef called “Octopus Garden ”. On the beach you will surely meet the harmless Iguanas that live here. 

Stopover 5: Highborne Cay Norman Cay

3 nautical miles, 45 minutes of sailing

Norman Cay and its reef is a must-see for any itinerary in the Bahamas. You will be able to admire a plane wreck at a depth of only 3 meters. This natural environment is a perfect habitat for hundreds of colorful fish species.

Stopover 6: Norman Cay Warderick Wells Cay

15 nautical miles – 3 hours of sailing 

Warderick Wells Cay is home to the largest marine park in the Caribbean. The Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park covers 456 km2. You will see many amazing creatures and protected species as the anchorage is very regulated in this area. 

Stopover 7: Wells Cay Cat Island

50 nautical miles, 8 hours of sailing

On this island you will find the highest peak of the Bahamas. Mount Alvernia is only 63 meters high. By stopping over on Cat Island, you will have the opportunity to stretch your legs by going on short hikes. You can also enjoy the beautiful local beaches: 

  • Little San Salvador 
  • Pigeon Cay Beach 
  • Half Moon Beach 

When you have finished visiting all these beaches, you can slowly sail north to Spanish Wells.

Stopover 8: Cat Island Spanish Wells

25 miles – 5 hours of sailing

Going north, you can stop at the small islands of Saint George’s Cay and Charles Island. Spanish Wells is only 2 miles long and 800 meters wide. You will find a charming little pontoon to dock, and you can start a small tour of the island by foot. 

Stopover 9: Spanish Wells Elbow Cay

50 nautical miles – 10 hours of sailing 

If you stop over on the island of Elbow Cay, we recommend that you stop at Tahiti Beach. You can drop anchor and practice snorkelling; the beach is home to beautiful coral reefs. 

It’s time for your last night in the Caribbean, so enjoy your last Bahamian sunset. 

Return: Elbow Cay Great Guana Cay 

It is time to head back to your point of departure in order to return your boat and proceed with some administrative duties. There you have it, now you can return to the mainland with many amazing memories!

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🍃 By doing this sailing itinerary in the Bahamas entirely on a sailboat you will travel 415 km and save 36 liters of fuel.