5 Best Diving Spots In the Mediterranean Coast Of France

by | Jul 29, 2020

Diving is such a fun and exciting water sport activity. It doesn’t require so much equipment and preparation. Luckily, you only need a diving gear and a breathtaking beach location. If you are planning to rent a boat for your next vacation, we highly recommend trying out this fun activity. Here is a list of the 5 best diving spots you can find in the Mediterranean. Now, get out the snorkels and get in the water!

 1. The Lavezzi Islands

View of the Lavezzi Islands showing the blue sea, cliffs and sandy beach

We start the top 5 with a first stop on Corsica. The Lavezzi Islands are a real little well-preserved paradise, south of the island of beauty. Only a few kilometres from Bonifacio, you will discover magnificent landscapes scattered with turquoise water bays. Dive into these azure waters and go down to a depth of 40 metres to admire the breathtaking seabed. Beware of the winds and strong ocean currents in the afternoon.

2. The Gulf of Porto

It’s still in Corsica that we continue this little tour of the most beautiful diving spots, this time towards the Gulf of Porto. The scenery is incredible, the colour palette is magnificent, from the red cliffs to the clear blue waters. Jump into the water to discover the Scandola reserve with its rich marine life and to dive at Punta Mucchilina.

Aerial view of the Gulf of Porto showing the imposant cliffs and blue sea

Make a detour to Capo Rosso, classified by the UNESCO, and take a look at the numerous passages of fish species such as liches and barracudas. By far one of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean.

3. The Riou Archipelago

We’re continuing the trip, heading towards Marseille. The archipelago of Riou, consists of small islands off the coast of the city of Marseille. Once in the water, you will be charmed by the amazing wildlife and remarkable landscapes where a few shipwrecks are located.

Aerial view of the Riou Archipelago

On the Farillons side, discover the rock formations and the sea breams that surround them. To finish, pass by the impressive wreck of Lebanon, a 90-meter long liner wrecked in 1903 and now inhabited by sea groupers.

4. The Port-Cros National Park

It is in the south of France, in the department of Var, in the Port-Cros reserve, where you can enjoy a sensational getaway. Just a few kilometres from Hyères, the island has the ideal conditions for a diving tour: a rich marine life, a special display and a fabulous palette of colours.

Aerial view of the Port Cros island showing the blue sea and stunning greenery on the island

Its turquoise waters make it one of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean. Want to discover forgotten treasures? Enjoy exploring the wrecks but be prepared to go down: more than 45 meters deep separate you from these abandoned ships.

5. The Cerbère-Banyuls Marine Reserve

Last stop on the Mediterranean coast with a stop at the Cerbère-Banyuls Marine Reserve, a short distance from the Spanish border. Enough to charm diving enthusiasts!

View of the Cerbère-Banyuls Marine Reserve with sharp cliffs, the surrounding greenery and various shades of blue in the sea

An underwater path has been laid out in the heart of a bay protected from the waves. It is only 5 meters deep but extends over 250m. On the program of this marine hike, there are five stages indicated by signs detailing the ecosystem and the environment of the walk.

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