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5 Campervan Hire Destinations in Europe

7 February 2019

5 Campervan Hire Destinations in Europe

Europe is the ideal destination for motorhome hire, both because of the amazing sights you can explore through a motorhome road trip, and because of the great quantity of private owners renting out their van! Hire a motorhome and embark on an European road trip, taking in as much you can, and sleeping in the midst of nature whenever you can. Goboony is a motorhome sharing platform, that will get you in touch with a private owner, so you can ask them any questions you have and receive van advice and tips on the local area. It will help keep you on a budget, combining accomodation and travel costs, and allowing you to make your own meals! Through Goboony, you can share the freedom of motorhome travel and begin your European road trip. Now let’s consider the 5 best campervan hire destinations across Europe!

Photo of scotland's lake


Scotland is one of the best locations for campervan rental in Europe. This is due to the stunning scenery Scotland has to offer; stretching across the country you’ll find rugged coastlines, soaring mountains and deep lochs. Campervan hire is the best way to experience this, as you’ll be able to explore as much as possible and pitch right in the middle of it all! Head to Scotland and complete the North Coast 500 or one of the other great Scotland road trips that guide you throughout the entire country. However, your Scottish motorhome trip wouldn’t be complete without the following:

  • Visiting a Whisky Distillery
  • Searching for Nessie in Loch Ness, or visiting another Scottish loch
  • Trekking up Ben Nevis
  • Stop off in Glasgow or Edinburgh for a city break
  • Take at least a bite of Haggis!

The Netherlands

This smaller country is great for campervan hire as it allows you to explore it entirely! You don’t have to pick and choose, as you could cover the major sights in a week if you had to. But we recommend taking more time in the Netherlands, as there are plenty of places to go! Camp in the Hoge Veluwe National Park, surrounded by nature and wildlife. Spend a day in Amsterdam, learning about Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Anne Frank and all the other Dutch names in our history books. The Netherlands is also great as it is bordered by Germany and Belgium, which allows you to explore those as well. Your Dutch road trip requires:

  • Seeing at least one windmill
  • Visit the Keukenhof and marvel at the tulips
  • Drinking koffie by a canal
  • Renting a bike
  • Sample some cheese – particularly in Edam!
Photo of flowers in Netherlands


Do I even need to explain why an Italian road trip is a fantastic idea? You can start north in Milan, and enjoy one of the most fashionable cities of Europe. Then progress to Venice, best done at the time of their world-famous carnival! Enjoy the canals and beauty of this fairytale city, and sadly depart for Bologna. But your sadness will be quickly cured by the sprawling plazas and Renaissance structures this historic centre can offer. Get your fill of art in Florence, and your fill of architecture in Rome – but be sure to fill up on pizza and pasta in both! Then we make out way to Naples, with a few days of sunshine on the Amalfi Coast and a day trip to Pompeii. And you can go even further as there is still so much of the gorgeous Italian wonders to explore! So why organise campervan hire in Italy? Because there is simply no other way to take in more of this country, except enjoying the best campsites in Italy. But you’re not done with Italy until:

  • You’ve visited at least one art gallery and one museum
  • Made a wish in the Trevi fountain
  • You’ve eaten your weight in carbohydrates
  • Taken a boat trip
  • Made a Pilgrimage to the Vatican
Aerial shot of a city in Italy


When you think of Spain, your mind probably doesn’t go initially to motorhome hire. Fair enough! But Spain is one of the ideal countries for campervan rental in Europe, as it allows you to avoid any hassle with public transport. Embark on a road trip through Spain this summer for a week of sunshine, sangria and stunning sights! Enjoy the elegance of Madrid, or the cosmopolitan capital Barcelona. The port of Valencia is an ideal stop, particularly when combined with a day trip to the nearby Albufera Park. Avoid the tourists through making your holiday to Spain a motorhome one! And to enjoy it as much as possible:

  • Eat tapas on a terrace
  • See a flamenco show
  • Visit the three essential art museums of Madrid
  • Eat fresh seafood in a fishing village
  • Explore the only desert in Europe: Desierto de Tabernas
A castle from Germany


A slight contrast to the beaming rays of Spain, Germany climbs onto the list of campervan hire opportunities in Europe for two reasons. Firstly, as the home of Volkswagen and many other motorhome brands, it is simply tradition and full of good quality vehicles. Secondly, because the entirety of Germany is covered in cities and towns worth exploring. It is the perfect fusion of nature and urban, allowing you to camp but also experience German heritage and culture. Spend a weekend in Berlin, gazing at the urban architecture and learning more about the history and art of this bustling city. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich, or at least visit one of the renowned beer halls. Drive the Romantic Road for beautiful sights and romantic camping spots, but be sure to check the driving rules in Germany first! And during your campervan hire in Germany, be sure to:

  • Drink a traditional German pint
  • Camp in the Black Forest
  • Hike the Rheinsteig Trail
  • Visit a Christmas Market (winter only!)
  • See the remains of the Berlin Wall
A caravan you can hire

Your motorhome journey across Europe awaits you, with more destinations than we could possibly name in a blog! Hire a campervan through Goboony and let the fun begin. We’ve come up with a special deal for SamBoat users, who can now use the discount code SAMBOAT-e1c5 to get 30% off your service fee! Your European adventure awaits, and campervan hire will let you explore as much of this continent as possible. So find a motorhome, pack your bags, and get driving!