Boat Tours around Mallorca: a day on board

by | Apr 13, 2023

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. There are countless reasons to love this island, but its unique nature is often the main reason: Just think of the spectacular rocky coves that lead to its turquoise blue waters, which can be found an hour away from Palma, for example, on the southeast coast of the island. With Mallorca’s popularity and therefore the risk of crowded beaches and scarce parking spaces, the idea of visiting these coves from the water is obvious. So, renting a boat in Mallorca is the best option to see for yourself the fabulous views of the island’s coastal landscape.

1. Puerto de Cala Figuera

The starting point of this one-day boat trip is the port of Cala Figuera. It is best to set sail in the morning to ensure the best anchorages and make the most of the day. The fishing village of Cala Figuera is a small and authentically charming place that we really recommend. Like in a postcard, the little houses of typical Majorcan architecture are situated directly on the clear and bright blue water, with the Mediterranean vegetation in the background. Simply wonderful.

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2. Es Pontas – 1.95 NM

Head south along the coast in your boat rental around Mallorca. Here, after about 2 nautical miles, you will see the first highlight of the route: Es Pontas, an arch-shaped stone formation created by the tides and water. This fascinating natural monument is located on the coast in front of the town of Santanyi. You can choose to stop your boat here briefly or just slowly cruise past. Don’t forget to take pictures.

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3. Cala Llombards – 0.25 NM

After a short drive, you will reach Cala Llombards, a beautiful bay that you will fall in love with. The water is indescribably clear and sparkling, which may also be because the sand here is white and there is no seaweed to be found throughout. Anchor here and jump into the water, you can also launch yourself from the small rocky edges found on the shores. For further refreshments, you can find a beach bar on the beach with cold drinks and snacks.

4. Calo Des Moro – 1.7 NM

Welcome to the amazing bay of Calo des Moro. For many Mallorca vacationers, this beach remains a little secret that has become increasingly known and popular in recent years, especially through Instagram. Here you will also find clear turquoise waters, white sand, and rock walls. However, since this is a natural beach, you won’t see any beach stands or anything like that, but you can walk up the beach to find different spots with an incredible views.


5. Cala Marmols – 2.3 NM

In the next cove, you will surely notice that there are much fewer people than in all the previous ones. The reason is simply that it is not easy and time-consuming to reach this remote place by land. So, enjoy your peace and quiet here and the view of another painting-like bay on the southeast coast of Mallorca. Our tip: Bring water and sun protection, as there is little or no shade on the beach.

6. Faro de Cabo de Las Salinas – 3 NM

Our last destination on this one-day route will be the southernmost place in Mallorca: The Faro de Cabo de las Salinas. By now you will have gathered a lot of impressions (surely great ones) and will be glad for the break here. We recommend leaving the boat and exploring the beautiful landscape around the cape. Especially from the lighthouse platform you can get a great view of the sea in front of you, it is really a place to behold.

Afterwards, you can decide for yourself whether you want to watch the sunset here or return to the port of Cala Figuera before it gets dark. You will have to sail about 7.7 nautical miles back on your boat rental in Mallorca.

You can also do a week of sailing in Mallorca or check out these other Mallorca articles for your next Balearic sailing trip.

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