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Dayboat Itinerary: Spend a day in Capri

23 May 2023


Dayboat Itinerary: Spend a day in Capri

The Gulf of Naples is full of towns and islands to explore, all unique and yet rich in Italian culture and history. Therefore, it is easy to find great day trips away from Sorrento by boat, however arguably one of the best places to visit from Sorrento for the day is the luxury island of Capri. Sail away to Capri with this itinerary for the day!

Sorrento –> Porto Tutisco di Capri

8.8NM – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Set off from the beautiful city of Sorrento from one of the many marinas on the coast, such as the Marina Grande or the Porto di Sorrento. From there, head over to the marina of Capri, Porto Tutisco di Capri. Located on the north shore of the island, the marina is connected to the centre of Capri town by a four-minute funicular, however, the marina is also surrounded by many restaurants and cafes which make it a great area to explore and have a break. If you are a fan of beaches, one of the most popular beaches on the island is located right next to the marina, the Spiaggia Marina Grande, and offers a brilliant view of the marina.

If you plan to visit the centre from the Marina, make sure to visit the Piazza Umberto, where you can enjoy a drink in an outdoor café and people watch, admiring the luxury outfits many tourists don. Another great place to visit in the centre is the Via Camerelle, which is a stunning designed shopping street in the heart of the island. For a unique view, visit the beautiful and scenic Gardens of Augustus, where you can marvel at the bending hairpin path that is the Via Kupp, as it winds up the steep slope of Mount Solaro.

Porto Tutisco di Capri –> Blue Grotto

2NM – 20 minutes

Source: @livesalerno

From the marina, head over to the Blue Grotto, one of the most well-known and photographed parts of the island. The unique natural beauty of the place is created by an anomaly where the red light gets filtered out of a large hole in the rock beneath the water’s surface, which creates a distinct bright blue colour. Explore the grotto in a wooden rowboat, the only way to access the grotto, and as such it can cause a queue on the water.

Blue Grotto –> Faro di Punta Carena

2NM – 20 minutes

From the Blue Grotto, dock up around Faro di Punta Carena, a historical lighthouse which looks over the bay. While it is a great place to moor and spends a few hours admiring the views, especially at sunset, there are many other great activities which surround the lighthouse further inland. The cliffs and mountainous views make for some incredible hikes, particularly the routes which offer views of the Belvedere della Migliara, the Cala del Limmo and the Nesika Fort.

Faro di Punta Carena –> Marina Piccola

2NM – 20 minutes

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Head around the island to the Spiaggia di Marina Piccola, which offers some of the best relaxation spots on the island, including Marina Piccola, where luxury yachts can often be spotted moored in the water. The beaches have incredible views of the Faraglioni sea stacks, another natural phenomenon which is supposed to give good luck to any couple who kisses as they pass through the stone archways. While the views of the rocks are incredible, sailing through them is a different experience entirely. As well, on this side of the island, you will find some of the magnificent villas which can be toured through, and display the grandeur and luxury of the wealthy Italian lifestyle.

Marina Piccola –> Sorrento

11.2NM – 2 hours

Finish your route by heading back to Sorrento, and end the day at one of the amazing port-side bars and restaurants which surround the area. Here you can find some of the delicacies of Sorrento, which you can read more about in our article on Sorrento picnic foods.

If you like the sound of this dayboat route, be sure to also check out our Bay of Naples charter itinerary, which ensures you can experience the best Italian sailing holiday possible.