Guide on how to prepare to spend a fantastic day on a boat

7 May 2020

Guide on how to prepare to spend a fantastic day on a boat

Renting a boat for your upcoming holidays can create fantastic memories. You can explore hidden spots that are not visible from land or try out water sports. In order to have the maximum fun, you need to be aware of how to prepare to spend a day on a boat. With a good amount of preparation, you can avoid any unpleasant surpises!

If it’s going to be your first time renting a boat, here is a guide on how to prepare to spend a fantastic day on a boat filled with joyful memories.

Plan your activities

Before deciding on spending a day on a boat and start looking for the perfect one, we highly recommend planning your activities. For instance, whether you’d like to try out water sports or sail along the coast to discover the hidden beaches. Knowing your project can help make your decision.

A girl snorkeling underwater with clourful fishes and corals around

Moreover, before you book a boat, plan how many people will be there. These decisions are important to determine the type of boat that will be suitable for you and the possible cost of the rent. If you have planned your projects, it can help you to find the perfect boat for your day.

Choose the right boat

If you successfully planned the activities you wish to do, it’s time to choose the right boat. You can choose from plenty of different types such as motorboats, sailboats, yachts or catamarans. It all depends on your personal preference and the budget you set.

For instance, if you’d like to do any sorts of watersports such as water ski, the power of the boat is neccessary. In that case, we recommend renting a motorboat. On the other hand, you have some previous experience and you like to sail along the coast to explore the city from a different perspective. We recommend renting a sailboat!

A view of a catamaran in a bay in the sea

In addition, check the regulations in the country you are visiting. Make sure to check whether you need a valid boating license for the boat you wish to rent. Don’t stress over the documentations or if you lack of experience. In the majority of the locations, there is an option to rent a boat with a skipper.

There are plenty of benefits of renting a boat with a skipper. For example, they will deal with the driving of the boat and you can just sit back and relax. Moreover, they can show you all the hidden spots in the region that no other tourists can see. You can escape to paradise without the crowd.

Plan the locations you want to visit

After you successfully choose the destination, we recommend planning the places you’d like to see. For instance, choose the beaches, ports and any sightseeing activity you’d like to do. It will make the whole day organized and you won’t miss anything important.

A hidden bay in Menorca surrounded by cliffs and greenery

Keep in mind to check the availability of the ports in advance before you go. Also, whether you can anchor in the bay you will visit as in some places it’s forbidden. During high season, some of the bays or attractions can be full of tourists, so make sure you have a plan to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Additonally, check the weather forecast before you go to ensure that you will have good conditions for sailing.

Pack supplies for the day

In order to not miss out any essentials during the day, pack all the supplies that you would need. For example, pack enough sun protection such as sunscreen, hat, glasses. During the day in the summer there are plenty of sunshine on the board, so it’s highly recommended to protect you skin. Don’t forget to pack towels and extra change of clothes in case you need to change.

A bay in Ibiza with two boats, crystal clear water and surrounding cliffs

Furthermore, if the places you visit don’t have any facilities such as restaurants or shops, pack food and drinkable water with you. Depending on the people on board, if you have kids with you on the boat pack every essentials for them too.

Have fun

Group of friends drinking and having fun on the boat during sunset

Last but not least, have fun! The main reason to rent a boat is to spend a fantastic day on board with your friends and family. If you had made the right preparation, there is nothing that will stop you to have a wonderful day! If you don’t feel confident in driving a boat, choose the option to rent with a skipper and just relax and enjoy the sunshine on board.