The top 15 Croatian ports where to anchor

20 September 2019

The top 15 Croatian ports where to anchor

As you might’ve heard, Croatia is a country dotted with gorgeous bays along with tranquil villages. Nothing is more invigorating than sailing around the islands across the crystal-clear waters of the sea! In this article, we shall talk about some of the best ports along the lovely coasts of Croatia.

Let us start, shall we?

1.      Krknjaši Blue Lagoon

Aerial view of a small village by sea in Croatia.

Found along forested slopes, this island shelters the lagoons shallow waters. It is a sight for sore eyes! Located within the lush vegetation is a small restaurant which is perfect for tourists. Plus, there is no fee required for anchorage!

Sesula Bay

One of the most popular areas of the island of Solta, Sesula Bay has an atmosphere that one can never really forget. There is also a diving center as well as as a fish farm! Hence, it can act as an excellent stop for a cruise.

Borca anchorage

A place for ultimate inner-peace, Borca Anchorage is pretty good for swimming. The deep blue color of the sea compliments the greenery. In addition, the island is kept safe from winds, making it ideal for anchoring.

Vis Town

Vis Island view from a boat on the sea.

With attractive pebble beaches and roman baths, this is the main harbor on the island of Vis. Many fixed buoys can be tied to the bay. Also, the port is famous for its tasty fusion dishes.

5.       Luka anchorage (Brač)

This site is used by many bigger yachts. Offering scrumptiously cooked fish, there are two restaurants overflowing with Mediterranean charm. A concession is offered on buoys.

6.       Budikovac (Vis)

Sailing boats in the water near by the blue cave in Croatia.

Being one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Adriatic region, this place will surely win you over! It is very easy to anchor from the outside. The Blue cave and Green cave are also worth a visit!

7.       Luka Rogacic

Initially used as a naval base, Luka Rogacic is a secluded harbor but equally striking. Most of the profits come from tourism for this island.

Stiniva bay

Nestled between majestic cliffs, Stiniva Bay has the perfect beach for a lazy afternoon. Boats can just anchor outside the gate of the cliffs. In short, it is a haven for boaters.

Palmižana – Pakleni Islands

Aerial view of an island in Croatia.

An enchanting chain of islands located close to Hvar, this is a village resort. The restaurants have become a symbol of fine-dining for boaters as well as yachtsmen. Another plus is the botanical garden!

10.    Lovišće (Šćedro)

Besides having four arms available for anchoring, this area can be utilized for a comfortable overnight stay. It is small, cozy, and serene. In summary, the island is the right spot for zen!

11.    Ždrilica anchorage (Pakleni otoci)

Known as one of the most renowned destinations for sailing, it is quite a bustling place. However, this does not mean that it is not worth paying a visit. No one can miss out on the glistening water and the chilling nature!

Hvar town

People on the boats in Hvar harbor in Croatia.

Surely an impressive sight, this town leaves an everlasting impression. It is filled with Gothic palaces and terracotta-roofed villas. The buoy and moorage fee is reasonable.

Bisevska luke

A must-see stop on your sailing route, this has an alluring sandy beach. Anchorage will not take any charges. Moreover, a nice dinner can be enjoyed.

Tarsce Bay

Acting as a good mooring site for yachts, it is a great choice for those who appreciate tranquility! Tarsce Bay has lovely beaches and amazing restaurants.

Porat Bay

Suitable for families with children, Porat Bay has a pebble beach with shallow waters. There is sufficient space to anchor around ten boats. It is a getaway from the intense heat due to the cool pine forests.