Top 5 Romantic Sailing Holidays for Valentine’s Day

14 February 2023


Top 5 Romantic Sailing Holidays for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day today, the pressure is on to find the perfect last-minute gift for your loved ones. Rather than buying a box of chocolates or a novelty teddy bear, this year may be the perfect time to show your partner just how much you love them by whisking them away on one of our top 5 romantic sailing holidays. What better place to spend some romantic time together than alone at sea with no worries in the world? 

1. Cancun, Mexico

With the recent new year, this Valentine’s Day might be the perfect early break your partner needs. What better place to unwind and relax than the sunny beaches of Cancun, Mexico? With no shortage of culture and history, Cancun has some incredible day trips, but the main attractions are of course the luxury yachts.

Hire a Captain or a Skipper for your weeklong charter or your day boat in Mexico to enjoy a truly hands-off experience. Take in the sun and the sights of famous destinations such as the Mayan Ruins of Chichén-Itzá or the El Rey Maya ruins, and spend your evenings dancing the night away in the world-famous nightclubs. Soak up the sun on the incredible white sands of Playa Norte, Playa Delfines or Tulum Beach. Then cool off in the crystal-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Finish your day with a bite to eat of the world-famous cuisine including favourites such as Tacos, Tequeños and Tequila. 

2. Lanzarote, Spain

If you need a sunny holiday this Valentine’s but want to explore Europe, the place to go is Lanzarote, Spain. If your partner can’t decide whether they prefer immersing themselves in the local culture, relaxing in the sun or trying their hand at the traditional sports of the area, then Lanzarote is the place to try it all.  

Known for its volcanic landscapes, rocks and lava fields, Lanzarote offers some beautiful hikes exploring the Timanfaya National Park. At the same time, the island is also known for its variety of sports offered. Try your hand at sports such as cycling, golfing and a whole lot of water sports. If you’d rather work on your tan, head over to the quiet Papagayo or the popular Famara beach. Relax on the white sand and break up your day with a trip to the local beach bars. For the explorers, look around the local villages, unique in their landscapes due to their location among the volcanos and marvel at the historic architecture. For an ethereal experience, visit the ‘Cueva de los Verdes’, a giant lava tube. Explore the caves and listen to the acoustics in the 500-person concert hall. Finish off your trip with a romantic dinner and wine tasting the winegrowing landscape of La Geria, while taking in the breathtaking and one-of-a-kind views. 

3. Maldives

For the height of luxury, treat your partner to a trip to the Maldives. Made up of a host of islands, there is no limit to the different resorts to try out. If there’s one thing a holiday to the Maldives will promise, it’s a complete detox of the stresses of life at home. If your partner is passionate about marine life, sign up for one of the many boat or snorkelling tours offered to see over 2,000 species of fish. Marvel at the colourful reef fish eels and rays, and even the whale shark. To see some of the deeper coral reefs, you may choose to explore via diving. If you wish to see everything the nation offers, you may prefer to go on an island-hopping tour, to see both the culture and the untouched beaches of the Maldives. And if you really want to treat your partner, take a sunset cruise to soak in the sunset and views. 

If your days aren’t filled with sunbathing and spa treatments, then head over to the world-famous Mudhdhoo Island at night. Wonder at the ‘glowing beach’ phenomenon, where you can get some great insta-worthy pictures. 

4. Phuket, Thailand

For a holiday completely different from your usual life, Phuket, Thailand is a beautiful place to visit and explore. Being close to China, there is a large influence on their culture and food. However being at the heart of Asia, there is also an array of different cultures to immerse yourself in. Sailing in Thailand is one of the best ways to explore the country. Some of the most romantic and popular activities to try in Thailand include exploring the different islands, partaking in water sports such as diving or snorkelling, and sightseeing from all corners of the island.  

One of the must-do activities to wow your partner with this Valentine’s day is a Canoe ride in Phang Nga Bay. You can sail through the different lagoons and caves and be awed by the views. If you prefer marvelling at the arts, Thailand is known for its Cabaret shows, full of glamour and intricate costumes. And if none of these options appeals to you, you can spend your days relaxing on one of the multiple beaches, and your nights enjoying a sunset dinner in one of the 35 Michelin-star venues. Or experiment with delicious local food such as pad thai, khao soi or pad kra pao moo. 

5. British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

If your partner has shown an interest in sailing, the BVI is the best place to start. A popular sailing getaway worldwide, it is a great place to explore for all levels of sailors, while also offering a wide range of activities to partake in with your partner when you are docked up. With incredible sights to explore via water, navigating the BVI by boat is the most popular way. From kayaks to paddle boards, explore areas such as the Baths or Beef Island Lagoon. With multiple national parks, the BVI is a very protected area and as such has some unbelievable stretches of coral. Explore the area while swimming, snorkelling, or diving.

While we recommend the water activities to try with your partner, other ways exist to explore the islands. One example to try includes hiking along the immense mountain ranges and beaches. The BVI is a wonderful place to visit this Valentine’s Day, as the winter months in the Caribbean are the most pleasant. This means the weather is warm and has mild temperatures, and avoids the monsoon season. 

If you like any of these options for your Valentine’s trip have a look at our Itineraries for more details on how to plan your next trip.