Where do your Favourite Celebrities go Sailing?

14 March 2023


Where do your Favourite Celebrities go Sailing?

Perhaps due to the privacy at sea or the luxury and hands-free experience a yachting holiday offers, it is known within the celebrity world that vacationing by yacht is one of the stars’ favourite ways to relax. If you have dreams of living in luxury like your favourite celebrity, we have compiled a list for you, showcasing all your celebrities’ favourite places to explore by sea. 

Beyonce and Jay Z – French Riviera

Source: @Beyonce on Instagram

The celebrity couple Beyonce and Jay Z are known for their love of yacht vacations. Although not owning a yacht of their own, the couple is often photographed aboard a 450-foot-long superyacht named the Flying Fox, which costs roughly $4 million a week to charter and is the world’s most expensive charter boat. It seems their favourite place to visit is the Mediterranean, where they have often been spotted in places such as Corsica, Monaco, Portofino and the French Riviera. However, their passion for the sea has also taken them to sailing hotspots beyond Europe including Key West, Florida and the Hamptons.

Kendall Jenner – Sardinia

Source: @KendallJenner on Instagram

The supermodel Kendall Jenner has also been spotted sporting the latest trends while yachting in Sardinia, which is one of the more popular yachting destinations among the uber-famous, seeing the likes of Adele, Cristiano Ronaldo and Beyonce have also been spotted on the water there. Much like Kendall, the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family have also been notorious for their love of the nautical world, with just last year Kylie Jenner spending her 25th birthday on the luxury yacht ‘Party Girl’ in the Bahamas. 

Rihanna – Cabo, Mexico

Source: @badgalriri on Instagram

With the return of Rihanna to the musical world in February in the Super Bowl halftime show, it was fitting to include her in the list. Since her rise in 2009, she has often been seen frequenting some of the world’s most luxurious boats, with her love of this type of holiday beginning while vacationing around the Sea of Cortez in Cabo, Mexico in 2010, while she was rapidly climbing in fame. Since then, it is common to see Rihanna travelling in style on yachts in places such as Sardinia, Monaco and St. Barts.  

Heidi Klum – Capri, Italy

Source: @HeidiKlum on Instagram

Supermodel Heidi Klum is another face known to enjoy the yachting experience, even tying the knot with her partner Tom Kaulitz aboard a yacht in Capri, Italy in 2019. Since then, it has not been uncommon to spot the couple reliving their day off the shores of Capri, which is often considered as one of the most romantic destinations to visit during your yachting experience.  

Prince William and Princess Kate – The Bahamas

Source: @princeandprincessofwales on Instagram

Surprisingly, when it comes to the nautical world, unlike other celebrities the Prince and Princess of Wales are known for their hands-on approach when it comes to yachting and has competed in a number of yacht races in the Bahamas sailing regattas in 2022, embracing the Bahamian pastime of schooner sailing. This was not a new activity for them as the couple were both known to be big rowers during their time in university, and have since kept up the holiday, competing in yacht and sailing races, and even recently teaching their children their favourite pastime while visiting Scotland. 

Gwyneth Paltrow – Barcelona, Spain

Source: @GwynethPaltrow on Instagram

Gwyneth Paltrow is well-acquainted with the ocean, often being spotted holidaying multiple times a year aboard mega-yachts in the likes of Indonesia, St Tropez and Capri, Italy. However, in 2020 Paltrow decided to share this passion for water with the customers of her wellness brand ‘goop’ with her new service ‘goop at sea’. Departing from Barcelona, the cruise will travel around the south of France and Italy, stopping each day at the famous sights, while also offering wellness activities and luxury every day. 

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas – Positano, Italy

Source: @Sophiet on Instagram

Like many celebrities, singer Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner chose to spend their honeymoon on the water, perhaps due to the privacy being at sea offers. The couple were spotted on a Valletta super yacht in Positano, Italy, taking full advantage of their surroundings, racing each other on jet skis and diving off the side of the boat. This is not the only time Turner and Jonas chose to celebrate their wedding at sea, having previously thrown a pre-wedding boat party cruising down the Seine in Paris with their family and friends and other celebrities. 

Leonardo DiCaprio – St. Barts

Source: @LeonardoDicaprio on Instagram

Having just spent the New Year in St. Barts, Leonardo is well-known for his yachting vacations alongside his other a-list friends and models. He has travelled to places such as Nerano in Italy, St. Tropez and Ibiza, and often rents out multi-million superyachts for the occasion. Due to his experience on the water, he has not been scared to experience all the ocean has to offer, often being seen participating in water sports such as jet skiing, and even trying out using a water jet pack.  

David Beckham – Miami, USA

Source: @DavidBeckham on Instagram

Since jetting around by boat often in recent years, the Beckhams finally decided to treat themselves to a yacht for Christmas in 2022. Their yacht, named ‘Seven’ after David Beckham’s Manchester United shirt number cost the family nearly £5 million and offers five bedrooms. The celebrity couple is known to take the boat out and explore the coast of Miami, where the family have a penthouse and has invested in the football club ‘Inter Miami CF’ alongside friend and former player Phil Neville. 

Giorgio Armani – Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Source: @GiorgioArmani on Instagram

It wouldn’t be a list of celebrities sailing without mentioning Giorgio Armani. The fashion designer is known for his love of the yachting world and is one of the few celebrities to invest in his own superyacht, rather than renting. His $60 million boat is kitted out with 7 cabins, a cinema room, a gym and a whirlpool. Due to his love of superyachts, Giorgio Armani has become the title sponsor of what is now known as the Giorgio Armani Superyacht Regatta, being a huge success in 2022 and already in the works for 2023. The event takes place in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, and has been run by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda since 2008. 

Whether Italy like Sophie Turner or the Bahamas like the Prince and Princess of Wales, if any of these holidays sound like a place you would like to explore, check out our itineraries for a better and more detailed idea of how to start planning your next holiday with SamBoat.