5 best seaside towns on south coast of England

by | Aug 9, 2018

There are certain names for parts of the Southern English coast that spike your interest; The English Riviera, The Jurassic Coast, and the Pearl of Dorset. These names have been earnt due the southern coasts truly enticing charm. The 5 seaside towns on this list all offer something different, yet all are uniquely English.


Photo of Torquay's harbour. perfect to rent a boat

Torquay is situated on a piece of the Devon coastline known as the English Riviera and is a beautiful gem to visit. If you want to see English seaside traditions, then this is the place to go. Traditional buildings line the streets and a stunning English harbour is home to a fishing fleet that supply the fish for the local fish and chip shops!

It is also a perfect place to see if any boats are available to rent. In and around the Harbour you are going to find stunning yachts moored up, Michelin starred restaurants, Aquariums, Spas, and of course beautiful beaches that are a stone’s throw away.


Although not technically on the south coast, it’s very close, and Newquay is too good a destination not to include on this list. The Town of Newquay is the home of surfing in England. The mile long Fistrall Beach plays host to the biggest surfing competitions in the UK. This is due to the consistently big waves the beach receives making it a paradise for surfers, body boarders, and other wave loving adventurists!

Fear not though, you don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy the town. There are so many other options for you; chill on the beach all day, buy a body board and let the waves take you back to shore, or explore the town and sample its culinary delights!


photo of brighton bay

Brighton is potentially the most famous seaside town on this list. The pier that juts out into the English Channel is Iconic, as are the stripy deck chairs that you can rent on the beach. The town itself is extremely vibrant and bustling and you won’t run out for things to do. You can visit the Royal Pavilion which is a Regency palace that will transport you to ancient India.

The British Airways i360 is a futuristic moveable observation tower that is situated on the site of the old West Pier and will raise you up over the town giving you stunning views for miles. The pier is of course the main attraction; the restaurants, arcade, and fun fair will keep you busy for hours with the cool sea breeze in your hair!

Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis is lies on the famous Jurassic coast of England and is nicknamed the ‘Pearl of Dorset’. The towns beaches and cliffs are one of the best places in the UK to find fossils dating back hundreds of millions of years. The Blue Lias Rock holds multiple fossils from the Jurassic period and have been the site for many famous fossil discoveries by such people as Mary Anning in the 19th Century.

The town itself contains the iconic Cobb Harbour for you to walk around, plenty of delicious eateries, museums on the towns history, and plenty of walks and hikes for you to explore the surrounding area.

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