5 good reasons to treat someone to a sea trip

by | Dec 13, 2021

This year why not surprise someone special with a unique and exciting experience?

Today it’s all about experiences! Be original and surprise someone with a trip to the sea with the new SamBoat gift cards. Our cards are the perfect gift for sailing enthusiasts and novices. But also for the curious and adventurous who are looking for new experiences. 

The SamBoat gift cards are a perfect sailing present

Getaway from the hustle and bustle 

A boat trip helps us get away from the crowds and the fuss. By giving a SamBoat gift card, you are not only offering a boating experience. You are allowing someone to have a change of environment and an opportunity to take their mind off their daily routine.

Wherever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want

The SamBoat gift card is flexible and offers plenty of options to the beneficiary. With this card, they can book the boat of their dreams anywhere in the world for a period of up to two years. The best part is that anyone can join them in their experience at sea!

A digital and original gift

It is a 100% digital gift! Once you have paid online, you will receive an email with the personalised card. All you have to do is give it to the person of your choice, you will have an original gift and stand out from the rest. 

Boats for all needs

SamBoat has a catalogue with a wide range of boats that meet all expectations. From motorboats to cruising sailboats or catamarans. Everyone can find the perfect boat according to their tastes and needs.

Skippered yacht charters for the inexperienced 

Anyone wishing to have an adventure at sea, with or without experience, can enjoy the privileges of this sailing gift card. We are aware that not everyone has the nautical knowledge necessary to charter a boat alone, for this reason, SamBoat also offers boat rentals with skippers.

What are you waiting for? Give someone this perfect sailing present!

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