6 best fishing destinations in Europe

by | Feb 2, 2022

Fishing is one of the most enriching activities to enjoy with family or friends. It helps us to clear our minds and take the stress out of our daily routine. In this blog, we list the six best destinations to go fishing. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting out in the sport.

Canary Islands

boats in the canaries

If you want to enjoy fishing and lovely weather, we recommend you to go to the Canary Islands. These islands have a pleasant climate all year round and even during the winter! Whatever time of year you decide to go, charter a boat in the Canary Islands to fish for tuna, amberjack and marlin. 

Galway, Ireland

fishing destinations Galway town in Ireland

Ireland is a dream destination for fishing, its waters are full of all kinds of fish such as pollack, ling, ray and mackerel. One of the best places to fish in Ireland is Galway. A city on the west coast famous for its colourful architecture and traditional Irish pubs playing folk music. Set sail into Galway Bay during the summer and you’ll find pollack, bass and flatfish.

Sicily, Italy

Boat in Sicily, italy

Boat charters in Sicily are very popular for one reason, fishing! This island is in the best region of the Mediterranean for some of the best fishing experiences. One of the main activities on the island is fishing, and you will find several beautiful fishing villages. Take a boat trip to one of the many fishing villages where you are sure to catch a tuna or swordfish. 

Orkney, Scotland

fishing destination in Orkney, Scotland

Orkney is a group of islands off the northeast coast of Scotland and is one of the friendliest places for all types of fishermen. Inland you will find trout-filled lochs such as Stenness and Harray, where younger or less experienced anglers can enjoy fishing. For the more experienced anglers, there are the Brig, Scapa or Firth bays, where you will find fish such as hake, ling, ball fish and many others. 

Lac du Bourget, France

rent a boat in Lac du Bourget, France

The Lac du Bourget is one of the largest lakes in the French Alps Riviera and offers many activities. During the spring, one of the most popular activities is fishing. If you enjoy this activity, rent a boat in Aix-les-Bains, one of the best places on the lake to catch some fish. There you will find species such as northern pike, pumpkinseed, and perch.

The Azores, Portugal

Sailing boat in the Azores

The Azores are a jewel of the Atlantic Ocean boasting an impressive volcanic landscape. This archipelago welcomes travellers from all over the world, including fishermen. On these islands, you can fish from the shore or from the reefs, where you can find white jacks, amberjack, amberjack and rainbow trout. But if you’re looking for more professional fishing, venture offshore where you’ll find giant tuna and billfish.

Now you know some destinations to go out fishing! If you are not sure about what licences you need we invite you to read our ultimate guide for sailing abroad.

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