6 Best Snorkelling Places You Can Find in Europe

by | Jul 17, 2020

Going on a beach holiday can be suitable for all types of travellers. People who like to relax and sunbath and for those who seek adventure. Snorkelling is one of the best water sport you can try out, as it’s very easy to do and requires only a few equipment. Luckily, you can find some of the best snorkelling places in Europe, as there are many beautiful seabeds and marine life.

Blue Lagoon, Malta

Even though Cominio is the smallest island in the Maltese archipelago, its definitely one of the best snorkelling places in Europe. The Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful sights you can find. This piece of paradise has a shallow bay and crystal clear water. The various shades of blue in the water and the rich marine life here will surely amaze you!

Aerial view of the Blue Lagoon in Malta

Moreover, The Blue Lagoon is very easily reachable by ferry or by renting a boat to get there.

Crete, Greece

The island of Crete is an excellent location for those who enjoy snorkelling or want to try out first. The beautiful natural landscape and the plenty of beaches the island has enables everyone to enjoy this activity. Furthermore, the Mediterranean Sea is well known for being one of the best snorkelling places. Going to Crete, we highly recommend visiting the Elafonisi Beach in Crete because it’s one of the best beaches in Europe.

View of the stunning pink sand beach in Crete

Makarska, Croatia

In general, Croatia offers one of the best snorkelling places in Europe. The country has a rich marine life and many beautiful beaches that makes it an ideal snorkelling destination. Moreover, one of the greatest benefits of snorkelling in Croatia is the crystal clear Adriatic Sea that provides a high visibility underwater.

Aerial view of Makarska in Croatia.

In particular, we highly recommend visiting Makarska to maximize your snorkelling experience. Moreover, the easiest way to discover the hidden bays and stunning beaches in Makarska is to rent a boat.

Port Cros, France

Port Cros is located in the south of France, only a few kilometers from Hyères. It provides an excellent place for a relaxed getaway. Port Cros has everything you need for a sensational snorkelling experience. It has a rich marine life, beautiful natural landscapes and stunning crystal clear waters. Port Cros provides a beautiful and relaxing place for snorkelling.

View of Port Cros in South of France

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Ayia Napa is located in the southeast coast of Cyprus along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. In Ayia Napa there is a particularly stunning area called Cape Greco. The natural beauty of this area is undeniable for everyone who visit there. This place is excellent for snorkelling for those looking for a special experience.

Aerial view of the stunning cliffs in Ayia Napa in Cyprus

The unique cliffs and the stunning water makes it very memorable. The crystal clear water makes it possible to discover the area and see clearly underwater.

Medes Islands, Spain

The Medes Island is a true paradise on Earth for all snorkelling lovers! Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the Costa Brava region, near L’Estartit the group of 7 islets are amazingly beautiful. Moreover, the region is protected by Marine Nature Reserve due to the exceptionally rich marine life.

View of L'Estartit town along the coast.

Due to the strict regulations not all types of water sports are allowed in the area, except snorkelling. If you are a snorkelling enthusiasts, this place must go on your bucket list to visit once!

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