6 Nicest Beaches in France That You Can Only Access By Boat

2 June 2020

6 Nicest Beaches in France That You Can Only Access By Boat

Renting a boat during your holiday means going on an adventures, gaining new experiences and discovering stunning places. However, it also means having the privilege of discovering and exploring unique places that are unreachable from the land. Luckily, France is rich in many spectacular places that are worth visiting. However, many of the nicest beaches in France are hidden that can only be reached by boat.

Discover the 6 nicest beaches in France, which can only be reached by boat. If you haven’t yet decided on your next holiday destination, this list will sure help you to make a decision!

The beach of Saleccia, Desert of Agriates in Corsica

To the north of the island of Beauty, the beach of Saleccia is an essential stopover if you are sailing along the Corsican coast. A magnificent white sandy stretch of the Agriates Desert in Corsica, this picturesque beach offers an excellent stopover. You will find a lazy atmosphere, soft sand, translucent waters. All in all, everything is here to make your stopover truly unforgettable.

View of the Beach of Saleccia in Corsica showing crystal clear water, anchoring boats and sandy beach and rocks

The best and only way to reach this little piece of paradise is to rent a boat from Saint Florent. Even though, this beach is difficult to access from the inland, it offers a unique view to anyone who takes the time to sail there. At about 6 nautical miles from Saint Florent, you will be among the few who can swim and relax there.

The Calanque de Monasterio, on the island of Riou in Marseille

On the north coast of the island of Riou in Marseille, the Calanque de Monasterio is a real hidden paradise. Located about 45 minutes by boat from the coast, Monasterio is part of an uninhabited and completely preserved archipelago. Finally, at the end of the trip you will be able to admire the turquoise water on the white rocks of the calanque. This is a magical experiece.

Aerial view of the Riou archipelago near Marseille with the clear blue sea

We advise you to anchor there early in the morning, to take advantage of the calm morning of the bay. And what could be better than to picnic in the translucent waters of the Riou archipelago? Waters and rocks that have made the Calanque famous, and rank it among the most beautiful beaches in France.

The Notre-Dame beach, in Porquerolles

Jewel of the island of Porquerolles, the Notre Dame beach is worthy of the most beautiful postcards. Not only it’s one of the most beautiful bays in France, but it was also voted the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2015. Surrounded by a pine forest and with the finest sand, Notre Dame beach is an essential stopover.

Aerial view of the Notre Dame beach in Porquerolles

Firstly, to enjoy the turquoise waters of this beach, all you need to do is rent a boat in Hyères. The journey of 5 nautical miles is separating the port of Hyères from the island of Porquerolles that only takes barely an hour. This allows you to easily spend the day there. We advise you to leave Hyères late morning, so that you can anchor near the Notre Dame beach in all comfort.

Cove of St Pierre in the Lérins Islands – St Honorat

Close to the Saint Pierre chapel and the Abbey of Lérins, the bay of Saint Pierre is the most beautiful beach on the island of Saint Honorat. Moreover, it’s among the nicest beaches in France. Between pebble and sandy beaches, the island offers a panoramic view, for a change of scenery in the Gulf of Napoule.

View of a beautiful beach on the island of Saint Honorat showing the rocks and buildinds along the beach

The luxurious greenery in its surroundings made it difficult, if not impossible, to access it by land. Therefore, the only way to discover this beautiful beach is by boat. You can rent a boat in Mandelieu la Napoule or Cannes and plan a day at sea. We advise you to take some time to sail around the islands of Lérins and Saint Honorat, before anchoring in the Saint Pierre cove.

The Glénan Archipelago in Southern Brittany

Turquoise waters, fine sand… No, we are not talking about the Antilles but about Brittany. Off the coast of Fouesnant, discover a unique panorama, which is worthy of the most beautiful islands. The solution to access this extraordinary archipelago is to rent a boat in Concarneau or Bénodet, and make the 9 nautical mile crossing by motor boat or sailboat.

Aerial view of the Glénan archipelago in Southern Brittany

After about 2 hours of sailing, let you discover the charm of the islands, which offer a complete change of scenery. Reserve a whole day to sail around the Glénan archipelago. You will discover quiet beaches, but also water sports spots, restaurants and a varied landscapes.

The Banc d’Arguin, on the Arcachon basin

The emblem of the South West and the highest dune in Europe, the Dune du Pyla shelters behind its 107 meters the magnificent Banc d’Arguin. The Banc d’Arguin nature reserve is a must in the Arcachon basin and changes with the winds to offer a unique landscape to its visitors. What could be better than renting a boat and spending the day there? The only way to get there, the boat will allow you to reach the Banc from Cap Ferret or Arcachon.

Aerial view of the Banc d'Arguin on the Arcachon Basin

Once arrived, you will be able to admire the ballet of hundreds of birds, whose home is the Arcachon basin. The local wildlife and crystal clear water make the Banc d’Arguin one of the most beautiful beaches in France.