6 Tips For Staying Overnight On A Boat

20 March 2020

6 Tips For Staying Overnight On A Boat

Exploring a stunning area along the coast by boat rental sounds like a perfect holiday option. However, to ensure an enjoyable holiday, it’s essential to prepare for the overnight stay on the boat.

If it’s your first time sleeping on a boat, it’s better to implement a few tricks to make sure your overnight stay goes smoothly and you have a good quality sleep. Here are some of our advice to guarantee you avoid any unpleasant surprises during the evenings and ensure a fantastic cruise.

1. Find a good overnight location

The first, but most important is to find a good overnight location. If you have an itinerary, make sure to plan how long each journey takes to know where anchor at night. It’s essential to plan each day in advance where you will anchor, to avoid any problems. Be aware of the locations where anchoring is banned! Finding a safe and protected bay at the end of the day is essential to have an excellent overnight stay and a good sleep on a boat.

View of a protected bay with crystal clear water, surrounding cliffs and greenery and boats

If you cruise during high season, make sure to check your desired location before you get there. You might need to book in advance at certain marinas to ensure a place. Demand can be high in certain places, so better to secure a place for you.

To avoid any troubles overnight, make sure to anchor safely at the chosen location!

2. Packing

Family of four on a sailing boat out on the sea

When it comes to spending days on a boat, it is necessary to pack enough supplies. In general, it’s a good tip is to write a list with some of the essentials, such as enough drinking water, sun cream, phone charger, clothes and preserved food if by any chance something goes wrong with your fridge (If there is one) or you can’t get fresh supply.

To have a good night sleep on the boat, make sure to check what supplies they already have on. Otherwise, pack blankets, sleeping bags or even sleeping masks. Anything that would make you more comfortable.

3. Warm clothes for the night

View of a group of friends on the boat in the sunset drinking and laughing

Even if you go sailing in the summer when the temperature is high during the day, it can seriously drops at the evenings. To avoid getting cold, you should pack enough warm clothes, such as sweatshirts and tracksuits.They not only can serve as heaters for your body, but can protect you against mosquito bites in the evening too.

4. Kids on boat

Being on boat with babies requires more careful planning. When it comes to sleeping on a boat, it is important to ensure a safe area for them. Even if boats have multiple bedrooms, make sure to pack a travel cot for the kids, so they can safely sleep on the boat.

5. Protection against mosquitos

Aerial view of  a protected bay surrounded with greenery and boats

Bug bites can be very annoying whilst you are trying to enjoy your stay in the evening. Particularly, you can be highly exposed to mosquito bites. A satisfactory preparation could be to bring mosquito repellent sprays and long-sleeve outfits, so you can enjoy your stay undisturbed by unwanted visitors.

6. Check the equipment of the boat

View of the cabin of a boat

It is highly recommended to be aware of the equipment of the boat you rent. Important that you do not only check the amenities, number of bedrooms, toilets and kitchen, but you also look a bit deeper and check if any freezers, cooking surfaces, blankets or pillows are available. You can better pack for your overnight stay and can fully focus on your unforgettable trip.