7 Water Sports You Must Try Out On Your Next Holiday

by | Mar 26, 2020

Renting a boat at a beautiful seaside destination is already sounds like a dream holiday. However, doing some kind of water sports can make the whole experience even more fun and more enjoyable. These activities are fun on your own or even with a group of friends or with the family!

It doesn’t matter if you have previous experience or this is going to be the first trying out, you will definitely enjoy water sports! Keep in mind that for most of the activities there might be an age limit. And for some of them a good swimming knowledge is also recommended!

Here are 7 nautical activities that you can try out this summer while renting a boat at your holiday destination.

Jet ski

We highly recommend trying out this fascinating water sport. If you have never tried jet ski before, it is more or less riding a bike, while enjoying the refreshing drops of the sea, the tanning shines of the sun and the freedom of riding in the middle of the sea.

Jet-skiing in the middle of the clear blue sea

Moreover, jet ski can be a great family fun, as there are models where more people can sit on it. If it doesn’t sound fun already, you can rent a jet ski at your holiday destination and try out one of the most fun water sports.


Snorkelling is one of the most well known water sports! Given that it’s very easy and not requires many gears, it is a very popular nautical activity. It is best advised to try at a beach where the water is crystal clear, there is a beautiful seabed and there are potential aquatic life under water.

We recommend to explore the hidden beaches where there are less tourists to fully enjoy your snorkelling time!

Girl snorkelling underwater with orange fishes around

If you rent a boat, check the equipment they already have, beacause many of them offer a snorkelling gear, so you don’t need to buy or bring yours! It is better to have a good swimming knowledge to truly enjoy snorkelling.

Water ski

Water skiing is a very fun activity that is only possible with motorboats, since you need the power of the boat to pull you. For this activity it is better to have a skipper who can control the boat while you are water skiing. Or any other member of your family or friends who can control a boat and then take turns.

Girl water skiing on the sea

Water skiing is very joyful and also requires a good stamina and strenght until you gain experience. It can be a great family fun, not just to ski but also to see the funny falls at the very beginning!


A boy wakeboarding on the sea in the sunset

Similar activity to water skiing, the only difference is the equipment you use for it! However, some say that it requires more control over your board and your body so it might take more time to master it. If you feel adventurous and you already tried water skiing, don’t miss out on learning a new skill!


3 people parasailing on the sea pulling by the yellow motor boat

Parasailing is an actvity is suitable for people with no fear of height but eager to see the beautiful scenary from above. Keep in mind, that this activity is not suitable for kids under the age of 6. Parasailing can be very exciting and wonderful to observe everything that can’t be seen from the ground.


There are many kinds of inflatables you can try while you are on a boat. Probably the most known is the banana ride that is suitable for family fun indeed.

A motor boat pulling 3 inflatables on the sea

It is about pulling an inflatable banana boat after your boat and trying to enhance waves so the ones sitting on it have to hold on to the handrails to not fall down. It is suitable for more people, so the whole family or a group of friends can enjoy this actvity. You can also try the round shape inflatables too. The fun is definitely guaranteed, no matter which one you try!


Paddle boarding is a very easy activity that can be learned relatively quickly. It requires balance and core strenght. It is a water sport that can be suitable for the whole family too, so no one is missing out on the fun!

A family of 4 happily standing up on the paddleboard on the sea

As a beginner you can sit on the board to build up your balance to stand up later. Furthermore, you can rent paddle boards at local beaches or bring your own inflatable one.

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