List of the best boating blogs around the world

by | Sep 17, 2019

While we sometimes find it difficult to remain out at sea or in the water, our love for the ocean is something that just never dies. For those who prefer living their life in the water and always want to have the know-how of what’s going in the boating community, here is a list of boating blogs that stand out and will help you stay up-to-date.

What blogs to read to stay updated on the nautical world ?

We hate to break it to you, we couldn’t come across experiences that were as fascinating as those in Pirates of the Caribbean, but we did manage to pick out the best blogs for families, couples and friends to create a well-rounded collection of educational, inspirational and informative articles.

Two Afloat

Ryan and his wife exploring the waters by sailing boat.

A couple, Ryan and his wife, explore the waters, face their fears, and inspire us with their beautiful story. While Ryan suffers from FSH Muscular Dystrophy and may at some point lose mobility, he is a prime example for those of us who choose to remain within barriers and treat our situations as weaknesses. This blog is interesting because, besides the daily inspiration dose, their collection of sailing adventures makes us want to pack our bags and set out to the Pacific ourselves!

Releasing the Bowlines

Bryan and Laura Marrick sailing with their kids all over the world on the All in sailing boat.

Who doesn’t love family adventures until the kids are at each other’s throats and there’s not enough paracetamol in the five oceans to cure our headaches? Still, family sailing seems like such a fun activity when these parents, along with their three beautiful children, travel in their boat ‘All In.’ It’s like a home in a boat. After all, a family that sails together stays together!

Between Two Yetis

Tommy Thompson of Bertram Yachts speaking about the marine industry at the 2018 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

If you’re looking for a blog that’s more on the informative side, the Two Yetis gives an account of the marine industry, different companies, organizations and lone rangers that travel the waters. Based in Miami, they claim to ‘discover the authenticity in people,’ and we are excited to explore their narratives along with the interesting information they provide about the marine industry while inteviewing their hosts sitting on Yeti coolers! Moreover, is a pepit for discovering the pioneers from all over the word.

Rudow’s Fishtalk

Lenny Rudow fishing on his boat with a Chesapeake Bay striped bass.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner looking for tutorials or just want to read about the experiences of the veteran boating journalist and the fisherman Lenny Rudow; you will find all the fishing tips and the DIY tips for your boat on this blog. Additionally, they always have boats for sale with boat reviews. Above all it has nature, geography, and technology all in one blog.

Nomadness (Nomadic Research Labs)

Steven K. Roberts from Nomadic Research Labs on his microship with solar panels.

Exploring micro and macro biology, this blogger assembles tools to observe treasures, topography, and do hull inspections. Nomadness is full of technology and new gadgets but all combined with the sea stories. It’s the best blog to stay up to date with the latest additions to the world of boating. Steve has got the most interactive, interesting, and scientific blog. As his experiences on several boats, which have rather funny names, are worth reading over a cup of tea, whether you’re tucked in your bed at home or on your own boat.

While these blogs are interesting to read on their own, they also have information on what boating gear you need for different occasions and where it can be found. Having adventures out in the water is its own kind of fun, but for feading your passion with new nautical knowledge you can always enjoy reading the adventurous stories of the nomads or either discovering the scientific experiences from the industry’s pioneers.

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