The best destinations to have a boat party in the Mediterranean

25 October 2018

The best destinations to have a boat party in the Mediterranean

The best destinations to have a boat party in the Mediterranean

When it comes to cruise parties and party destinations, the Mediterranean Islands can be the perfect place for nights of relentless fun with friends and family.

The vast open blue sea, glorious music clubs, beach bars, dancing all through the night, live music festivals and anything an imaginative host can think of is possible on these islands.

When searching for a destination to  throw a party on a boat, there are many choices in the Mediterranean, and some of them might already be a part of your bucket list.

Mentioned below are some of the best party destinations to go to if you are up for a wild boat party in the Mediterranean.

  1. Ibiza, Spain

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The simple word Ibiza screams passionate, sexy, and untamed.  Ibiza is every clubber’s and party freak’s paradise. It boasts feverish summer nights with crème-de la-crème DJs of Europe. For people seeking post or pre-party serenity, Ibiza’s northern coast is the best place for you. This serene place is perfect for every cruiser looking for a place to party.

  1. Côte d’Azur, France


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The gorgeous and glamorous Côte d’Azur or more commonly known as the French Riviera has a strong reputation for attracting movie stars, British Royals, and jet-setters. It is also the perfect place for hosting a party; sunshine graces the lovely seaside cities including Nice, Monaco, and Canners.

The Cannes Film Festival also attracts the cinema elite from all around the globe adding to its already fame and partying reputation.

  1. Mallorca, Spain

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Mallorca is known for Europe’s biggest and most populated nightclubs along with several top-notch notable venues. It is a dreamland for party aficionados and an amazing destination to let yourself loose.

This place hosts some of the best DJs of the world and the most epic foam parties, making it a year-round destination for festivities and celebrations.

  1. Mykonos, Greece

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Mykonos is easily the other word for party. It is recognized worldwide as one of the best cosmopolitan destinations for pleasure-lovers, luxury travelers, yachties and party enthusiasts. On this island, the party starts with the first ray of sunlight and ends on the morning of the following day.

It holds the craziest parties with the best DJs and significant events in some of the most notable clubs. Parties can spark at any time and any place whenever someone speaks out the word.

  1. Hvar, Croatia

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Hvar is a historic and gorgeous island, and is a blend of some of the finest Adriatic’s pebble beaches and breathtaking landscapes. It is peaceful and full of serenity in the morning, however, when the sun goes down, Hvar’s party souls start to wake up and fill the streets with their fun vibes.

This place has some of the best clubs in Europe and the best party gentry, making it an ideal party spot and one of the hottest party islands.

  1. Monaco, French Riviera

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No place is as associated with the glitzy Mediterranean party atmosphere as this part of the French Riviera. From the celebrity yacht parties that take place in the Cannes to the adrenaline and excitement of the Monaco Grand Prix; this area is alive through May till September.

The lavish villas, giant mega yachts, and cliff top castles set a tone of high-class luxury and plenty of party options, making it another ultimate party destination.


So pack up your bags and get an experience of a lifetime; travel through the Mediterranean and stop at some of the most exotic destinations. Get a taste of the party life on board your cruise and have an experience of a lifetime. But without a doubt, the best party night starts with a delicious cocktail onboard your boat that you can rent easily.

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