Corfu Itinerary: Escape for 7 days in the Ionian Islands

by | Mar 2, 2021

Renowned for their beauty, the Greek islands are a must-see sailing destination. From Corfu to Paxos, via Lefkada and Ithaca, we have created a custom 7-day excursion to discover the essentials of the Ionian Islands.

Descriptive itinerary of all the stops on a 7 day charter from Corfu

Practical Information for Sailing in Corfu

With a multitude of anchorages, each one more pleasant than the next, the Ionian Sea is an essential destination for any sailor. When chartering a yacht in Corfu, the mild winds and calm sea make it a perfect place to start or to go with the family.

Weather conditions in the Ionian Sea

The southern part of the islands is generally calm and sheltered, while the northern part has more sustained winds. Most often from the northwest, the winds are light in the morning and strengthen in the afternoon before becoming calm again. From April to October, the weather conditions are ideal, with blue skies and water between 18 and 26°C.

We therefore advise you to leave in the middle of summer, avoiding August however, to enjoy the sunsets and a pleasant sea. Always keep a wind map and weather forecast with you.

Choose your starting point

To start your cruise in the Ionian Sea, Corfu is an excellent starting point. You will find in its surroundings fabulous anchorages, welcoming ports and breathtaking scenery. We therefore recommend Corfu as a starting point to enjoy the best of the Ionian Islands in just one week.

Day 1: Gouvia Marina, Corfu and check in

Aerial view of the coast in Corfu

First day of cruising: meet in Corfu to check in and take your sailboat or catamaran. Gouvia Marina, with its 1000 berths and numerous facilities, is an ideal port for your stay. Electricity, water, fuel but also many supermarkets nearby will allow you to start your cruise in the best conditions.

Once the check-in is done, you will have plenty of time to discover Corfu and its many beaches. If you are passionate about hiking and history, this island has many surprises in store for you with its walking trails and Venetian architecture.

Day 2: Corfu → Port of Gaios, Paxos

34.6 nautical miles, 2 hours 15 minutes of sailing

Second day of your itinerary, it’s time to leave the island of Corfu. Sail to the port of Gaios, on the island of Paxos. As soon as you arrive from the west coast, you will be greeted by impressive caves surrounded by crystal clear water. Stop for a while to enjoy its charming villages and colourful nature. You can go around the island by boat and discover the beaches of Mongonissi and Panaghia, as well as the cities of Longos and Lakka.

You can also go to the small paradise island of Antipaxos in the south. However, we advise you to arrive at the port of Gaios early in the morning or in the afternoon to secure a place. You will be able to moor at the quay and drop anchor. Water and electricity supplies are available and there are many restaurants to enjoy.

Sailboats entering the port of Gaios

Day 3: Paxos → Nidri, Lefkada

62.3 nautical miles, 4 hours of sailing

Set sail for Lefkada Island. You will arrive in Nidri after passing the strait separating the island from the mainland. Let yourself be surprised by the charm of Lefkada, with its houses at the foot of the sea and its many physical activities. Above all, don’t miss the island’s must-see: its waterfalls.

At the port of Nidri you will find water, electricity, and all the necessities to refuel. If you choose to spend the night anchored outside the port, check that you are anchored well: the muddy bottom can play tricks on you.

View of Nidri in Lefkada Island with catamarans and sailboats

Day 4: Lefkada → Vathy, Ithaca

28.8 nautical miles, 5 hours of sailing

Fourth day of cruising, heading south towards the island of Ithaca. You will be able to moor in the beautiful port of Vathy, a true haven of nature. Emblem of the legends of Ulysses, the island is home to the “Caves of the Nymphs” as well as an archaeological museum which is worth the detour. Lazing on the beaches, visiting Kioni and Frikes, or hiking in nature: the program is up to you!

Anchoring will be the only possibility in Vathy, so beware of sand and mud. It is important to moor at a certain distance from the quay because of the wind, which is often strong in the middle of the day. You will be able to refuel with water, and if necessary, small fuel tanks can be delivered to the port. Good to know: just in case, you will find water and electricity at the port of Frikes, if you pass by.

Aerial view of the breathtaking coast of Ithaca

Day 5: Ithaca → Vasiliki, Lefkada

15.5 nautical miles, 3 hours of sailing

On the fifth day of sailing, it is time to start your return to Corfu. You are now back on Lefkada Island, in the south-west, in Vasiliki. A very pleasant town, you will find many nautical activities on the coast, such as windsurfing. You will take advantage of the boat to sail along the west of the island, and why not explore the village of Agios Nikitas.

Much smaller than others, the Vasiliki marina has 15 berths. Water and fuel will be available, and you will only be able to moor at anchor.

Sandy beach of Agiofili near Vasiliki with perfect crystal clear sea and a catamaran approaching

Day 6: Lefkada → Syvota

63.8 nautical miles, 4 hours 15 minutes of sailing

Very close to the mainland, Syvota is a perfect final stopover on the sixth day. Recharge your batteries by strolling along one of its magnificent beaches. The most beautiful of them is Blue Lagoon Beach, with its turquoise waters and its exotic nature.

You can anchor not far from this beach. The seabed is sandy but has rocks, which are handy for anchoring properly.

Aerial view of the beautiful islands, including Syvota

Day 7: Syvota → Corfu

19.4 nautical miles, 3 hours 50 minutes of sailing

It’s time to finish this itinerary from Corfu, and return home safely. Back at the marina, check the condition of your boat and proceed with the necessary supplies. Once the check-out is complete, enjoy one last time the city of Corfu, its clear waters and old quarters. You will leave this cruise with memories in your head and camera, with the desire to return to Greece!

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