Dubrovnik dayboat route

by | May 12, 2022

You might know about Dubrovnik from the Game of Thrones tv show or maybe an incredible laptop wallpaper that caught your eye. Either way, the city is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. The charm of the city is partially due to the older part of the town. It is protected by giant castle walls overhanging the turquoise sea below. Moreover, Dubrovnik is surrounded by amazing views, with mountains sitting in the background and a chain of islands on the horizon. 

Rent a boat in Dubrovnik and explore the chain of small islands within just a few minutes from the mainland. On this route, you’ll have the chance to enjoy your time exploring the islands and appreciate the calm nature of Dubrovnik in the evening!

1) Dubrovnik Kolocep

3 nautical miles, 12 minutes of navigation

Early in the morning, check-in for your boat rental and get ready to go island hopping for an entire day on a Dubrovnik dayboat route. The first island on this itinerary is Kolocep, the smallest of all the Elafiti islands. You will arrive on the southern side, where you’ll find a lighthouse on a vertical cliff and the “Blue Cave”. We suggest going around the island to find a beautiful cove and go for a refreshing swimming session.

2) Kolocep Lopud

3 nautical miles, 12 minutes of navigation

The next island on your route from Dubrovnik is Lopud, a little bit bigger than Kolocep, but just as pretty. You can anchor on the south side of the island. Appreciate the small bay and hop off on the sandy shores of Sunj. This is the time to soak in the sun and enjoy the calm atmosphere of this place. If you’re feeling hungry already, there are two small restaurants in the area. Otherwise, you can wait until you drive around to the northern part of the island, where you’ll have more options.

3) Lopud Otok Lokrum

9,5 nautical miles, 38 minutes of sailing

This island is a little bit more south, closest to the old town of Dubrovnik it has spectacular views of the city. The best way to enjoy this scenery is to anchor your boat and hike up to the ruins of Fort Royal. You can then hike down to the other side of the island, and find a small cove or hidden beach to swim in the crystal clear water. This place is also full of small jumping spots for action seekers!

4) Otok Lokrum Loverijenac

0,7 nautical miles, 3 minutes of navigation

Drive your boat towards the old town, on the mainland. By navigating along the coast, you’ll spot a fortress next to Dubrovnik’s west harbour outside the walls of the old town. There, you can anchor to set foot on land and walk up to explore the fortress sitting on top of the 37-metre rock. At the top, you will have a breathtaking view of the city. Inside you will spot canons that once protected the city and even a small chapel.

5) Back to Dubrovnik port

5,7 nautical miles, 23 minutes of sailing

Your day aboard is coming to an end and it’s time to go back to the main port where you rented the boat in the morning. Proceed with the final checkout requirements of your Dubrovnik dayboat route and enjoy the last hours of sunshine. Have a drink on a terrasse with a beautiful view of the Dubrovnik marina. 

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