Discover The Secrets Of Sicily By Boat

by | Aug 6, 2020

Sicily is renowned for its unique charm and the beauty of its beautiful, unspoilt landscapes. Discovering Sicily by boat over several days will allow you to admire the coastal landscapes from your boat while discovering the lovely lively ports of Sicilian cities during your stopovers. Here is a week long sailing itinerary in Sicily for you that will allow you to appreciate the Sicilian beaches and small coastal towns.

map of the itinerary in Sicily

Practical information

Sicily is an ideal destination for sailing during the summer period. In fact, the water temperature can reach 28 degrees. In general, the Sicilian coasts enjoy a stable wind during the day and a very weak wind at night. Anchorages can sometimes be slightly rough at night due to the passing ferries. If you choose to stop in a port to spend the night you will have to budget between 40 and 120 euros for the night in high season.

Sailing in Sicily will delight all sailing enthusiasts as you can choose to alternate between sailing short distances to take advantage of the stopovers and longer cruises for moments of intense sailing.

Discover the Zingaro Reserve in San Vito Lo Capo during the itinerary in sicily

Day 1 – Departure from the old town of Cefalù

Cefalù is a small, typical Sicilian fishing village, unspoilt and picturesque. A coastal town in northern Sicily, it is famous for its beaches and for the special beauty of its old town. The historical centre of the village is a must to experience the Sicilian culinary specialities. Before taking your boat, you can make a first refuelling in Cefalù. You can spend your first night in the old port of Cefalù before setting sail to start your itinerary.

Aerial view of Cefalù showing the city center and the seaside

Day 2 – Cefalù→ Palermo (1h45 sailing 31.6 nautical miles)

Once you have left Cefalù, you will be heading towards the capital of the Italian island of Sicily, Palermo. Known for its historic centre, Palermo is a city that cannot be missed in the Sicilian culture. You will find many shopping streets and small markets, as well as many historical sights to visit. You may leave your boat for the day and night at the port near Palermo. The marina of Palermo is an ancient Phoenician port that has been welcoming ships for 3000 years. It is a perfect access point to visit the city of Palermo. The marina is located in the historical heart, so you will soon arrive to the small, lively and busy streets where you can spend a pleasant time.

View of the Palermo marina

Day 3 – Palermo→Terrasini (1 hour sailing 22.2 nautical miles)

Head back out to sea in the direction of Terrasini. On the way you will admire the wild landscapes along the coast. Terrasini is particularly known for its white sandy beaches and translucent water where you can enjoy swimming. The coast of Terrasini is a forbidden zone to anchor due to its proximity to the airport, but you will be able to sail in this area and admire the Sicilian mountains. It is easy to spend a night in the port of Terrasini which has all the necessary comforts (water, fuel, sanitary facilities, wifi, electricity). You can use this night in the port to refuel before returning to sea.

View of a bay in Terrasini showing some cliffs in the water and the surrounding mountains

Day 4 – Terrasini→Gulf of Castelamarra (25 minutes sailing 9 nautical miles)

The Gulf of Castellammare is an ideal place to relax on the beach and enjoy the Italian sun. You can also take a walk in the small village where you can find local shops in the summer. Once arrived at the Gulf of Castellammare you can spend a night at the anchorage, the sandy bottom will give you a good grip and it is a quiet area to spend the night.

Aerial view of the Gulf of Castelamarra in Sicily

Day 5 – Castelamarre→Scopello (15 minutes sailing 6 nautical miles)

You will return to the sea the next morning looking forward to discover the breathtaking scenery of Scopello. In fact Scopello is a stop you should not miss, the rock reliefs are unique in the world in this region. This anchorage area is known to be one of the most beautiful in Sicily, you can spend the night here and enjoy the view of the huge cliffs. There is no harbour in Scopello, so a night at the anchorage awaits you, but the sandy bottom will allow you to stay for the night.

Aerial view of Scopello showing the stunning sharp cliffs and the greenery surrounded by the sea

Day 6 – Scopello→San Vito Lo Capo (35 minutes sailing 12 nautical miles)

Leave Scopello in the morning lights and go to San Vito. San Vito is a beautiful stopover, with its charming marina between the sea and the mountains. The bay of San Vito is a natural reserve with turquoise waters where you can practice many activities such as snorkeling, swimming or paddling. You can spend the night at the anchorage or in the marina. It’s a noisy stopover at night but you will be charmed by the view of the mountains. After this stopover it is time to head back to Cefalù to finish your sailing itinerary.

Aerial view of San Vito Lo Capo

Day 7 – San Vito Lo Capo→Baia di Mondello ( 2 hours sailing 35 nautical miles)

After an hour and a half of sailing in crystal clear water you will reach the beautiful bay of Mondello. The bay of Mondello is rather busy during the day but you can easily reach the marina to enjoy a day at the beach. It is allowed to anchor in this bay, and the sandy bottom will guarantee you a good grip.

Bay of Mondello in Sicily

Day 8 – Baia di Mondello→Cefalù (2 hours sailing 33.8 nautical miles)

So Cefalù is where your itinerary in Sicily will end. You only have 2 hours of sailing time left before returning to port. Take advantage of this last navigation to admire the Sicilian landscapes before checking out your boat.

If you are a lover of Sicily and its beauty, you can continue your itinerary to the Aeolian Islands.

Aerial view of the city of Cefalù along the sea in Sicily
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