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Renting a boat: How does the damage waiver work?

9 January 2020

Renting a boat: How does the damage waiver work?

You rent a boat and like everyone, your main goal is to enjoy your day out. But you know the sea and unfortunately, you’re never safe from a glitch. Even though all boats are insured for rental on SamBoat, you will be liable for the amount of the deposit in case of damage.

In the event of an accident

To begin with, if you damage the boat during your charter, you must compensate the owner of the boat for the damage. This works like a standard insurance with a deposit.

If the amount of the repair costs exceeds the amount of the boat’s insurance deductible (approximately 2,000€) the insurance will cover part of the repairs. This, however, does not cover you entirely, you are still liable for the difference between the repair total and the deductible, which is often doubled when the boat is rented out.

A motorboat near the coast

How much does it cost?

Unsurprisingly, repairs on a boat are very expensive. You can expose yourself to paying up to the amount of the deposit. The amount of the deposit varies and is indicated on each boat advertisement.

Damage Waiver to the Rescue

To avoid having to pay an excessive amount during your rental period in the event of an insurance claim, you can use the Damage Waiver proposed by Samboat.

Taken out at the time of booking or afterwards, this insurance allows you to be reimbursed for the amount debited from the deposit following an accident.

With this insurance, you will still have to pay a deposit. However, the insurance will compensate you if the deposit is debited in the event of a claim.

A full refund?

The refund of the deposit is not full. A residual excess of 10% of the amount of the claim remains at your expense with a minimum of 200€.

So, is it still worth it to take out the Damage Waiver? Yes, and we will show you why.

A perfect example

You rent a boat for a day, but unfortunately you hit a rock and the base of the boat is damaged.

The cost of the repairs amounts to 3 000€. Your deposit is therefore debited at 3 000€. If you take out the damage waiver, the insurance will reimburse you the 3,000 € – the 10% residual excess, totalling 2,700€. The choice between having to pay €300 or €3,000 is obvious.

Picture of the engine of a boat

Advantages of the SamBoat Damage Waiver

The advantages of purchasing the damage waiver are numerous:

  • Covered for up to 5000€
  • Automatic subscription via the Samboat site
  • Starting at 30€, it is the cheapest insurance on the market
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Complete coverage (engine base, propeller, etc.)

How to report a claim

You can report your claim on or by sending an email to sinistre @
The required documents to be sent are:

  • Rental Contract
  • Sea Report
  • Invoice showing payment
  • License/Permit (if required)