How to Travel After The End of Coronavirus Lockdown

13 May 2020

How to Travel After The End of Coronavirus Lockdown

The current global health crisis has drastically changed the travelling plans for the summer. Any plans for spring were already cancelled or still in uncertainty. Luckily, as things are slowly getting better around the world, we can see the end of lockdown soon. There are more and more countries releasing their opening strategies that gives travellers hope for the summer.

Many popular holiday destinations are starting to make plans on how to welcome tourists and ensure their safety. In order to travel this summer, here is a short guide on how to travel safely after the end of lockdown.

Check government regulations

One of the most important advise when it comes to start planning your upcoming vacation is gaining information from reliable sources. There are plenty of websites that provide false and not relevant information that can be confusing. Therefore, always look for offical statements from the government to avoid any misunderstandings.

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Before you decide to book, ensure that you are up to date with the most recent news in your country. Moreover, make sure to check the news in the country you are planning to visit. Regarding the dates of opening the borders and whether they have any special requirements of entry. Also, keep in mind that there might be some popular places that won’t be open for tourists to visit.

Ensure your own safety

Ensuring your own safety must be a prioity in travelling after the end of lockdown. This will not only affect the travelling process, but also your stay at the destination. Make sure that your packing list includes some essentials such as hand sanitizers, face masks and wipes. Moreover if you can, wash your hands regularly and try to keep distance from others.

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Safety is not only important during travelling, but also after arriving at the destination. Try to avoid crowded indoor places and minimize the use of public transport if possible.

If you wish to travel to a seaside location, renting a boat can be a safe option to choose. Other than a good adventure, you can visit hidden places where you can enjoy the sea without the crowd. Escaping the busy beaches with your family on a safe and clean boat sounds like a perfect option.

Flexible booking

Given the fact that there are still many uncertainties, book with a flexible cancellation feature is the best solution. You can start to prepare for your upcoming holiday in peace.

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If you are unsure whether you’ll be able to travel in the upcoming months, choose a flexibility option. Luckily, most companies have changed their cancellation policies that fits the current situation, so you are more flexible in cancelling your trip and getting a refund.

Travel closer

Judging the current situation, it’s more likely that domestic travels will recover first. Even though, there are plans to open the borders in some countries, dropping domestic restriction will definitely happen first. It can provide a good opportunity to discover your own country and to go on a short trip to relax.

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If you still like to travel abroad, start looking for the neighbouring countries that you can reach easier. As the EU has closed its outside borders, you will more likely to have a holiday closer to your home than in the other side of the world.

Travel off-season

And finally, a good tip to travel after the end of lockdown is to book an off season holiday. If you have a fear that summer still won’t be a safe option for you, travelling in autumn is an awesome solution. There are many reasons for travelling off season, but in the current situation safety is a big added benefit.

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