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Hyères Itinerary: Set Sail on the French Riviera for 7 days

31 March 2020

Hyères Itinerary: Set Sail on the French Riviera for 7 days

Hyères is located on the French Riviera on the Mediterranean coast of France. It is rich in exceptionally beautiful natural landscapes and stunning anchorages. It offers many opportunities for an amazing sailing holiday.

A true paradise on earth, Hyères is one of those magical places, that is a must-see destination for once in a lifetime as a sailor. Rent a boat in Hyères and discover hidden bays and exceptional anchorages around the region.

Map of a 7 days long itinerary of the Hyères sailing route

Practial information

Firstly, we recommend this sailing itinerary in the Hyères Islands from May to October, with a preference of May to June and from September to October when there will be less crowds. During this period, sailing conditions are excellent.

Secondly, we advise you to always check the anchorage areas before you go. There are some where it is not allowed to anchor. In addition, make sure that you have a buoyage plan to avoid any unpleasant surpises during your trip! Last thing, let’s protect our seabed: only anchor on sand.

Day 1: Saint Mandrier

First day of the cruise start in the beautiful Saint Mandrier. Before setting sail, we advise you to discover the beaches and the small town of Saint Mandrier where you will find exceptional views.

View of the port of Saint Mandrier with the anchoring sailboats

Once you arrive at the port, take the time to familiarize yourself with the boat and to stock up for the week. The port of Saint Mandrier is a very charming marina and close to all facilities.

We advise you to sleep in the port and head towards Porquerolles Island in the morning.

Day 2: Saint Mandrier Porquerolles islands

13.9 nautical miles, 2 hours 45 minutes of sailing

After that night in the port, head towards Porquerolles. This island is part of the idyllic trio of the Golden Islands. Porquerolles is very popular because of its beauty, its pine and heather forests and its white sandy beaches. This stopover offers beautiful bays, warm waters and magnificent views. On this island, nature is exceptional, and the scent of eucalyptus and pine trees dominates throughout!

Aerial view of a bay at the Porquerrolles island in France

Porquerolles is the island with two faces: to the south, you can find steep coasts with sharp cliffs and some small hidden bays. To the north, you will see an atmosphere of white sand and turquoise water.

We advise you to have an apéritif on the shaded terraces of the island, taste the home-made ice cream “coco frio”. After that, relax on the Notre-Dame beach which was voted as the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2015!

Finally, about where to anchor. We propose you to anchor in the bay of Alicaster near the beach of Notre-Dame, as this anchorage is protected from east winds.

Day 3: Porquerolles islands →Port Cros island

9.3 nautical miles, 2 hours of sailing

After this night at the anchorage, sail towards Port Cros. Port Cros offers you a wild and steep landscape and it forms the heart of the Port-Cros National Park.

Aerial view of the Port Cros island and the surrounding blue sea

The port is one of its main attractions, this one belongs to a creek and surrounded by many fishermen’s cabins.

This place is full of palm tree forests and a few beaches in the shade of tamarisk trees, a dream! However, the real beauty of Port Cros is its exceptional sea bed.

Day 4: Port Cros → île du Levant

3 nautical miles, 36 minutes of sailing

On this third day of sailing, set sail again in the direction of Île du Levant. This island combines authenticity and nature. Île du Levant will offer you rocky landscapes, breath-taking fine sandy beaches and wild and preserved bays.

We advise you to set foot on land and discover this island and its forts. To make your visit more fun, rent bicycles on the island.

In conclusion, Le Levant, with its calm and exceptional nature, will offer you great anchorages.

Day 5: île du Levant → le Lavandou

5.4 nautical miles, 1 hour of sailing

It’s time to leave this paradise to discover another one, head towards Le Lavandou. Le Lavandou will offer you clear water, shaded bays and steep cliffs.

If you are a hiking enthusiast, this stopover is must-see for you! You will discover exceptional viewpoints where you can admire sky, water and nature!

A hidden bay in Le Lavandou with 5 boats anchoring in the middle and the surrounding nature

Finally, we advise you to anchor in its large and wide bay, where you can spend a very relaxing night. However, make sure you have a map of the area because you will not be able to anchor anywhere.

Day 6: Le Lavandou → Presqu’île de Giens

10.5 nautical miles, 2 hours of sailing

5th day of sailing, final stopover. Sail towards the peninsula of Giens. During this journey, open your eyes wide and admire (if you are lucky) the dolphins. This stopover is a must-see, Giens and its peninsula is a stretch of land between sky and sea, bordered by pine forests and small houses. This peninsula offers heavenly beaches, small islands, port and translucent bays. A real pleasure for sailors.

View of the Fondue Tower on the sea

We advise you to put your feet on the ground and visit the island, its fortress and the Fondue Tower to the south-east of the peninsula.

The fort of Brégançon is a very good area to anchor and spend the night, we highly recommend it. You will be protected from the north and east winds too.

Day 7: Presqu’île de Giens → Saint Mandrier

11.8 nautical miles, 2.5 hours of sailing

View of the port in Saint Mandrier with many sailboats and the surrounding builings on the hillside

Last day of the trip, it’s time to return to Saint Mandrier. Once the condition of the boat is checked and your boat is full, you can enjoy one last time the picturesque landscape that Saint Mandrier offers you. This cruise in Hyères will end in beauty.