The 8 wonders of the Italian Adriatic coast

by | Mar 22, 2017

In Italy, most travellers visit the major cities such as Rome, Naples and Florence or spend their holidays on the beaches of Sardinia or Sicily. Not a lot of tourists are aware of the picture-perfect villages, sandy beaches typical of the attractive coastal area along the Adriatic coast of Italy. Sail away to hidden parts of Italy and take a look at the 8 most beautiful spots along Italy’s eastern coastline


View of the coast in Pescara

Pescara, gateway to the craggy mountains in the Abruzzo region, is surrounded by the stunning snowy peaks of the Apennine Mountains. The town of Pescara itself is a seaside resort with one of the biggest marinas on the Adriatic. It’s a lively place with an animated seafront, especially in the summer. The 16km of wide clean sandy beaches as well as the various hiking trails attract Italian travellers looking for restful coastal holidays and mountain adventures.


The peninsula near castle Duino, Trieste, Italy

Both a town and a fourteenth-century castle overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, Duino, in the province of Trieste, north-eastern Italy, has been the summer residence of many artists. We highly recommended in this area the Costa dei Barbari, small pebble beaches along a wild and lonely coastline.

Polignano a Mare

View of the cliffs in Polignano a mare

Polignano a Mare, located in the province of Bari, Southern Italy, is perched on limestone cliffs overlooking a crystal clear azure sea. The historic old town is supposed to be one of the most important ancient settlements in Apulia. It features a maze of houses and narrow alleyways, as well as many panoramic terraces offering views of the Adriatic Sea. Along with its rich history, Polignano a Mare is known for being home to world-class cliff diving.  Due to this, it has previously hosted the Red Bull diving competition.

Nature Reserve of Punta Aderci

Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci Vast

The Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci is a protected natural area of Abruzzo, classified in 1998. Covering 2.85 square kilometres it includes the entire city of Vasto. It stretches along the Adriatic coast from the Port and further up to the mouth of the river Sinello. The reserve includes beautiful vineyards, olive groves and landscapes. However, the most interesting spot is the beach of Punta Penna.

Torre dell’Orso

Beautiful, clear waters in Torre dell'Orso

Torre dell’Orso is one of the bathing beaches of Melendugno in south-east Italy. The town lays in the Italian province of Lecce in the Apulia region and is known for its seaside resorts. In addition to Torre dell’Orso, the beaches of Roca Vecchia, San Foca, and Torre Sant’Andrea are well worth checking out. They have been rewarded with the Blue Flag due to their exceptional water quality.

Conero Riviera

View along the coast of Riviera del Conero

The Conero Riviera is one of the most beautiful seaside environments in the Marche region of Italy. Sirolo, Numana, Marcelli, Porto Recanati and Portonovo are some of the many picturesque towns well worth visiting in the area. Some of this Riviera’s beaches are long and wide, well-equipped, and easy to access. Others creeks can only be reached via trails or boat, and are therefore ideal for all nature lovers and sailors.

Venice  lido

The famous Lido Beach of Venice in Italy

The Venice Lido is a narrow strip of land that separates the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. Once just a natural barrier, it was developed as a seaside resort at the beginning of the twentieth century. The atmosphere on the Lido is very different from Venice: There are leafy residential avenues, roads, cars, cyclists and pavements. A lovely view over the lagoon to Venice, and in winter and spring you might even see the snow-capped summits of the Dolomites behind the city’s towers and rooftops.


Streets and coast in Otranto

As the easternmost point in Italy, Otranto is a town of the province of Lecce. Otranto was an important trading harbour in ancient times and even in the Middle Age until 1480. Travelers can visit the port area, swim in the pristine turquoise sea and trek up to the medieval fortress: Castello Aragonese. On a clear day it is even possible to see Albania across the sea.


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