Lefkas itinerary: 7 days sailing in the Ionian sea

by | Mar 10, 2022

Discover Greece through an unforgettable week sailing trip in the Ionian Sea islands, you will find exotic anchorages. You will alternate between long sailings and short jumps in a protected and favourable environment for sailing.

Day 1: Lefkas → Preveza

10 nautical miles = 2 hours sailing

Prevenza beach

Lefkas has a wide range of boats for rent to enjoy a holiday at sea. To reach Preveza, you will have to rent a boat in Lefkas and then take the channel between the island and the mainland.

You can enjoy traditional tavernas, stroll through the historic centre and swim on the beaches. Most of the beaches offer surfing, sailing, water skiing and fishing. Relax under the sun before enjoying its romantic sunsets. 

Day 2: Preveza → Parga 

29 nautical miles = 6 hours sailing

Parga port with boats

From Preveza to Parga, 60 km of sandy beaches are waiting for you! Leave around 11 am, to enjoy your first day of sailing and reach the Ormos ay Kiriakou anchorage by the end of the day. This way you can avoid the tourists and enjoy the place in peace. The anchorage has clear water, good protection and a small, peaceful harbour with traditional houses framed by the mountains. 

We suggest that you leave before noon to avoid pedestrians.

Day 3: Parga → Syvota

13 nautical miles = 2.6 hours sailing

Syvota port with boats

On the third day of your trip, head for the beautiful village of Syvota. The vegetation here is lush, and you will find a very well-sheltered anchorage. 

We advise you to anchor outside the port. A small haven of peace where you can snorkel in translucent blue waters. Otherwise, you can anchor in the town’s marina or moor alongside. You will find many restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and bakeries. 

Syvota → Corfu

28 nautical miles = 5.6 hours sailing 

Bay in Corfu

One of the most beautiful islands in Greece! We invite you to enjoy a stroll through the old town, relax on beautiful beaches where the sea is translucent and take a selfie in front of the Vlachernes Monastery; the most photographed place in Corfu. You can even visit the palace of Empress Sissi!

Ormos Garitsas; is the ideal place to visit with large anchorages. You will also find a fruit and vegetable market open every day during the high season, except on Sundays. In the low season, we advise you to anchor at “Corfu old citadel”, at the foot of the city walls to enjoy the sunset. 

Day 4: Corfu → Lefkimmi

15 nautical miles = 3 hours sailing


Stop in Lefkimmi to explore the narrow streets of Corfu’s second-largest town. While you are there, you should not miss visiting the beautiful churches of Agioi Theodoroi and Agios Arsenios.

Lefkimmi → Paxos

14 nautical miles = 2.8 hours sailing

Sailing to Paxos

For this second part of the day, set sail for one of the 2 jewels of the Ionian Sea. Reach Orkos beach, a pearl of the Mediterranean located 5min south of Lakka town in Paxos.

Paxos is an island for relaxation and total rest. It is tiny and covered with olive trees. There is nothing to do but enjoy the view, swim in the seemingly unreal turquoise sea and taste the local cuisine.

Day 5: Lakka → Gaios

4 nautical miles = 50 mins sailing

For this 5th day of cruising, head for the village of Gaios and the Anti-Paxos island consisting of small bays protected by olive trees and crystal clear water. Gaios is a traditional Mediterranean village with a picturesque harbour and a peaceful town with delicatessens and pretty shops. You will also have the opportunity to visit the island’s magical caves, only accessible by boat.

Day 6: Gaios → Meganisi

44 nautical miles = 7.5 hours sailing

Meganisi is a small island close to Lefkas which makes it the perfect place to spend the last day of your Lefkas charter. The island is most known for having hiding places for submarines during the second world war, as the sea caves are praised as the best feature of the island. This is a quiet island of natural beauty, ideal for walking and the offers the perfect beach day on the many beautiful but secluded beaches.

Day 7: Meganisi → Lefkas

10 nautical miles = 1.5 hours sailing

Sailing to Lefkas

It’s time to finish this itinerary from Lefkas and head back to port. Back at the marina, proceed to check out your boat and refuel if necessary. Once you have checked out, enjoy Lefkas one last time before flying back to the island. 

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