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Mykonos dayboat route

30 June 2022


Mykonos dayboat route

Mykonos is a small Greek island located in the Aegean sea. It’s part of the world-class Cyclades archipelago and has become a hotspot for warm holidays in the past couple of years. Mykonos offers a vibrant party atmosphere, as well as beautiful scenery. On a Mykonos dayboat route, enjoy cruising around the island by anchoring at wonderful beaches along the way. From the crystal clear sea to charming villages, this island has everything you would possibly need. In this itinerary, we take you to our favourite places to visit in Mykonos. All of these beautiful spots are reachable by boat, and it only takes a day to complete this route.

1) Mykonos town

Start this itinerary by renting your boat in Mykonos town, also called Little Venice. This is the biggest port on the island and could be one of the most attractive places to visit on a day trip. We suggest you take the time to discover the coasts surrounding the island and come back before dark to enjoy a perfect evening in town. Before leaving, you can visit the famous windmills sitting by the sea, old churches and the authentic fishing harbour.

2) Armenistis lighthouse

2 nautical miles, 8 minutes of navigation

Cruise up to the northern side of the island and be welcomed by the spectacular Armenistis lighthouse. It stands on the edge of a cliff overlooking the blue sea. It is more remotely located than other places on the island, a lot less visited but beautiful. This makes the lighthouse a bit of a hidden gem, definitely worth your time. Enjoy the incredible panorama from up there! 

3) Agios Sostis beach

4.2 nautical miles, 17 minutes of navigation

The northern part of the island is underestimated, making the southern beaches more crowded, but leaving opportunities for peace of mind in the north. After visiting the lighthouse, cruise east towards Agios Sostis. You can stop at a hidden beach along the way if you want to. Agios Sostis is a gorgeous cove with turquoise blue water. You might be hungry by then, so you can have some fresh fish at a local restaurant nearby.

4) Elia beach 

12.5 nautical miles, 50 minutes of navigation

Sail around the east side of the island and head south. There are dozens of beautiful quiet beaches on this part of the island. We suggest stopping at one of them to have a quick dip in the crystal-clear sea before heading to Elia beach. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that this place is a lot more crowded but still beautiful and worth the visit. There are many bars and other facilities, making it a convenient stop.

5) Paradise beach

2.4 nautical miles, 10 minutes of navigation

Navigate west until you reach the translucent waters of Paradise beach. This gorgeous bay also hosts many facilities. Get to know Mykonose’s party life, with its many beach bars and clubs. This is a favourite place to visit on a Mykonos dayboat route. Especially for people wanting to listen to music, dance a little bit and have a refreshing drink!

6) Back to Mykonos town

7.27 nautical miles, 29 minutes of navigation

Depending on how much time you have spent relaxing at hidden coves and enjoying the sun, it could already be time to return to port. After checkout, enjoy the beautiful view of the old harbour with the sunset in the background. If you like partying, Mykonos is famous across the world for its great nightlife! 

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