North Corsica Itinerary: 7 days from Ajaccio to the north

by | Mar 23, 2020

Corsica is a stunning French island on the Mediterranean sea. It is a must-see holiday destinations that offers plenty of opportunities for sailing routes too. After discovering the beautiful South Corsica, let’s head towards the north of the island.

Rent a boat in Ajaccio, the beautiful capital city of the island. Being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the city is filled with cultural history and stunning beaches are an added benefit!

Map of the 7 days sailing route of the North Corsica itinerary starting from Ajaccio

Practial information

The landscape of Corsica and the Mediterranean climate make this a surprising and sometimes overwhelming sailing area. When sailing on the west side, thermal breeze conditions alternating between the west wind and the east wind.

And the further north you go, as in this route in Corsica, the more westerly winds dominate. So remember to look out for the most protected anchorages in heavy seas or strong winds, such as the one in Revelatta Bay in Calvi. Nevertheless, Ajaccio remains an ideal starting point for boat rental in Corsica.

Day 1: Ajaccio → Gulf of Ajaccio

Once you have finished taking over your rental boat, you can enjoy a time in Ajaccio and its old town. Charming and peaceful, the shaded streets of Ajaccio and its tree-lined beach will relax you before your departure for the Gulf of Ajaccio.

Aerial view of the golf of Ajaccio with sharp cliffs, crystal clear water and greenery

A small crossing of the bay is waiting for you, before reaching a protected anchorage from the sea at the Isolella.

Day 2: Gulf of Ajaccio → Anse de Ficajola

33.6 nautical miles, 4 hours 50 minutes of sailing

View of the sharp cliffs in the water near Anse de Ficajola

Second day of this sailing itinerary in Corsica, a good bit of sailing is necessary to reach your second stopover: the Anse de Ficajola. Sail along the coast and pass by the gulf of Lava, the gulf of Sagone or the gulf of Porto. Let yourself be charmed by a magnificent sunset over the Calanches de Piana, before anchoring for the night in the Anse de Ficajola.

Day 3: Anse de Ficajola → Galeria

15.4 nautical miles, 3 hours of sailing

Aerial view of the bay of Galeria in Corsica

Leave one paradise to discover another: set sail for the Bay of Galeria. A true haven of peace, Galeria is a must on this itinerary in Corsica. You will find there a small port for both fishermen and yachters. It is up to you to let yourself try any nautical activities, or to swim in the transparent water of the Petite Plage.

Day 4: Galeria → Calvi

15.3 nautical miles, 3 hours of sailing

A short sail is waiting for you to reach Calvi, make sure you arrive early if you want a place in the port. And if it is full, the bay of Revelatta will offer you a quiet anchorage for the night.

Aerial view of the port of Calvi and the surrounding old town and hills

The crystal clear waters of Calvi, overhung by the mountains, will greet you, before visiting the city centre. The small shopping streets and numerous restaurants will allow you to regain your strength before going back to sea.

Day 5: Calvi → Girolata

25.7 nautical miles, 5 hours of sailing

An aerial view of a bay in Girolata displaying rocks, greenery and deep blue sea

Fifth day of this itinerary in Corsica, head towards Girolata. A wild and impressive landscape will guide you during your journey, from the Scandola reserve to the island of Gargalo. And it is a real display of colours that you will see: red rocks, green forests, and turquoise waters. The anchorages in the bay of Girolata will let you spend the night in an exceptional setting protected from the wind.

Day 6: Girolata → Cargèse

16.4 nautical miles, 3 hours 15 minutes of sailing

A beautiful bay at the town of Cargese with white sand and clear water and some boats

On the second to last day of the cruise, set sail towards the small town of Cargese. With its long sandy beaches, it is the ideal stopover to rest before returning to port. And if you are in the mood for hiking, climb to the top of the village and admire the view! Enough to take a last breath of fresh air before spending the night at the anchorage to the east of the port. This anchorage will protect you from the Mistral, but beware of the Libeccio, which can be violent in all seasons!

Day 7: Cargèse → Ajaccio

22.3 nautical miles, 4.5 hours of sailing

Sanguinaires Islands near Ajaccio, Corsica with white lighthouse

Last day of this sailing itinerary in Corsica, it is time to return to Ajaccio. Take the opportunity to sail through the Sanguinaires Islands before returning to the end of the Gulf. Make sure to refill your tank with water and petrol. Once the check-out with the skipper or the owner is done, walk one last time along the streets of the imperial city. You will leave this cruise with full of amazing memories!

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