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One Day Boat Trip Through The Beaches Of Saint-Florent

3 July 2020

One Day Boat Trip Through The Beaches Of Saint-Florent

Saint Florent is the second port of the Island of Beauty and is located in one of the most beautiful gulfs of the Mediterranean. This region of Corsica is mainly known for its heavenly beaches as it is the starting point of the Agriates desert. By renting a boat in Saint-Florent, you will enjoy the marina and the charm of its old town. Here is a guide to have a fantastic one day boat trip in Saint Florent

Map of the sailing itinerary through the beaches of Saint Florent, Corsica

Departure from Saint Florent → Lotu beach

Approximately 20 minutes sailing time

Departing from Saint-Florent, sail westwards to the first stop on your day boat trip: Lotu beach. Lotu beach is a small beach with translucent water, mainly accessible by boat. It is therefore more preserved than the other beaches of the Corsican coast. It is not unusual to come across dolphins around this beach. So, hiring a boat is another chance to see them and get close to them.

View of the Lotu beach showing the mountains in the background, clear blue sea and some anchoring boats

The waters of the beach are shallow and ideal for snorkeling. As the beach is located inside the Gulf, the waters are calmer, so you can easily drop anchor and enjoy this stopover. It is allowed to anchor in this area and the sandy bottom will guarantee you a good grip. You won’t find any drinking water on this beach, think of taking a water supply with you.

Lotu Beach → Saleccia Beach

Approximately 10 minutes sailing time

After a picnic on Lotu beach, head out to the sea in the direction of Saleccia beach and stop for some time in the afternoon. Along this coast you will see wild and unspoilt landscapes surrounded by Corsican beaches and mountains. The beach of Saleccia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, which means that it is very busy in summer. This beach is more than 1Km long, so you will manage to find your own little piece of paradise.

View of the Saleccia Beach showing the sandy beach, crystal clear water and some anchoring boats

The bay is much more open to the sea, so you have to be careful because bigger waves can come in. It is always necessary to check the weather forecast before you leave.

It is allowed to anchor in this area and the sandy bottom will give you a good grip. Be careful when you arrive, the bottom is shallow, but you have a very good visibility. You won’t find any amenities on this beach, so remember to take a supply of water and food with you.

Saleccia Beach → Ghijou Beach

Approximately 15 minutes sailing time

If you are looking for a Corsican beach away from the tourists, Samboat proposes you to continue your itinerary on the Ghigjou beach, this one is more sheltered and less known. You will therefore meet less tourists around this beach. You will easily find a place to drop anchor since the bottom is only sandy.

View of the Beach of Ghijou showing the transparent water and some cliffs

It is a small beach that stretches over 200m bordered by rocks and white sand, you will particularly appreciate the color of the transparent water. Renting a boat is the best way to get to this beach, as it is one of the only ways to get there. Take advantage of the calm of this beach before setting sail again towards the port of Saint-Florent.

Ghijou Beach → Port of Saint-Florent

Approximately 30 minutes sailing time

View of the Port of Saint Florent showing the mountains, the city and the greenery

At the end of the one day boat trip in Saint Florent, take the direction to return to the town. On the way back, you can admire the colours of the last rays of sunshine on the Corsican mountains. After returning your boat, take the opportunity to walk along the docks of the port of Saint-Florent. Then go and enjoy a local meal in a restaurant in the town.

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