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Palermo dayboat route

30 June 2022


Palermo dayboat route

Palermo is Sicily’s most populated city and the Italian island’s capital. Located in the island’s northern part, it is surrounded by incredible landscapes. On a Palermo dayboat route, visit some of Sicily’s most charming sites, explore the gorgeous coastline and participate in fun activities all around. Palermo has some fascinating places to visit around it, from beautiful beaches with crystal clear water to rugged cliffs and perfect snorkelling locations. Visiting Palermo on a boat rental in Italy is also a great opportunity to plunge into the Sicilian culture. From century-old churches and historical sites to authentic food markets.

On this Palermo dayboat route, start off by renting a boat in the city. Throughout the day, you’ll have the chance to explore the region and relax but also have a good glimpse of the Sicilian lifestyle!

1) Palermo Golfo di Mondello

7 nautical miles, 28 minutes of sailing

For the first stop of the day, navigate to the Golfo di Mondello. This bay hosts one of the most sought-after beaches in Palermo. It’s a thin, white-sand beach with turquoise water, making it perfect for a swimming session. Take a moment to appreciate the dreamy panoramic view. The bay is located in between the gorgeous Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo, providing a sense of tranquillity for a relaxing moment. 

2) Golfo di Mondello Rocky beach Mondello

2 nautical miles, 8 minutes of navigation

Cruise a little bit more to the north and you’ll be surprised by a wonderful little bay hosting some rocky and pebbled beaches. There are fewer tourists than at Mondello beach which makes up for a nice place to get away from the crowd. Don’t forget your snorkelling equipment as the shallow reefs are perfect to explore the diverse sea life in the area!

3) Rocky beach Mondello → Capo Gallo

2 nautical miles, 8 minutes of navigation

It’s time to go a little further up around the corner. We suggest navigating to Capo Gallo which is a preserved natural area for marine life. You’ll go passed the Oil cave which is encrusted in the cliffs. Pirates used to stock up oil barrels in this cave after their raids, it is now full of undisturbed sea life. There are a number of other fascinating caves you can visit in the area. This place is also impossible to reach without a boat, so make sure you check it out!

4) Capo Gallo Isola del Femmine

4.6 nautical miles, 18 minutes of navigation

Sail to Isola del Femmine. This tiny island is located just a few hundred metres off the coast of its town and is a nice place to visit on a Palermo dayboat route. The island is very small, but quite charming with a small ruin tower in the centre. The whole area is preserved so make sure that you respect the rules before anchoring, as it can damage the sea floor.

5) Isola del Femmine Sferracavallo

3.4 nautical miles, 14 minutes of navigation

Sail towards Palermo port. On your way back, anchor in Sferracavallo, an authentic fishing village located in the natural reserve of Capo Gallo. You can set foot on the mainland to visit some old watchtowers from the 14th century and walk through the streets to admire the ancient architecture. If you want, you could go for another swimming session in the crystal clear water!

6) Sferracavallo Palermo port

12.6 nautical miles, 50 minutes of navigation

It might be almost time for checkout. If so, make sure to head back to the port a little bit in advance. This doesn’t mean your day is completely over, Palermo also has many activities and sites to visit. For instance, you could choose to wander in the Ballermo food market or have dinner while appreciating the sunset.

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