5 reasons why you should rent a boat for a bachelor party

by | May 23, 2018

friends on a boat for a bachelor party

Summer is finally around the corner, meaning that wedding season is here! And what could possibly be better than to throw a bachelor party on a boat and setting sail with your friends? Sun, an adrenaline rush and blue water, enough to provide any future married couple with unforgettable memories and a definite good time. This is why we created the top 5 reasons why you should rent a boat for a bachelor party.

It’s an amazing experience

That is not a surprise that a bachelor party has to be unique. So why not head to the sea making this day, YOUR day, instead of going to the usual local karting club.

However how long the trip is, the main goal is to enjoy it.  Surrounded by your friends, the sun’s heat and the crystal clear water will highly contribute to making your trip perfect.

Selecting the correct boat for your bachelor party is important as it will depend on what you’ll want to do, your budget, but also the itinerary and options.

In France or somewhere else, renting a boat and having a day trip with it allows you to discover new places and lovely harbour while having so much fun. It is also an opportunity to moore on a calm beach before the craziness of a wedding’s preparation.

There are many activities to do

guys-surfing-for a bachelor party

Having a day out on the water will allow you and your gang to try numerous activities such as :

  • Paddleboarding to relax before festivities
  • Snorkelling or diving for a total immersion under the sea
  • A buoy getting track on by the boat to have a good laugh
  • Travel between ports with a jet ski at 100 mph
  • Testing your wakeboarding skills
  • Or just chilling on the back of the boat

At sea, everyday life routine stay on the dock and that is the recipe of success for a great bachelor party.

You can party on board or on the dock

Raise your glass with your friends, facing the sunset, before diving into the wedding’s festivities.

Partying can go hands in hands when hiring a boat. Discover isolated harbours, atypical restaurants but also places to dance like the Balearic Islands, Croatia on the Ionian Islands.

And the best is yet to come.

Picture yourself, surrounded by your friends, at nighttime, at sea and under thousands of stars with options that you ever wanted to make the event unforgettable :

DJ, chef on boards or just some bottles of wine and a good laugh with your friends, everything is possible.

The objective of sailing is to do some amazing activities that you will never forget, so go ahead!

Safety won’t be forgotten for your bachelor party

Rent a boat is a pledge of safety.

A skipper and a crew on board can be selected among the options which allow you to be entirely free. A big relief when you know you won’t have to take the wheel during a party and put yourself in jeopardy.

The thing is being assured that everything will go and nothing can compromise this day.

Drinking a glass while having a funny dress code won’t be a problem anymore, even if, let’s remind it, don’t get too much of a good thing.

You’ll make unforgettable memories

friends on a boat

Choosing to set sail on a boat with your friend for a bachelor party is to choosing complete freedom for a day with no specific schedule and no constraints.

No need to pack and unpack every day, on board, everything is made to provides you maximum comfort. Having the feeling to be home, miles away from the shores, that’s a unique experience.

All of this allows you to reduce your spending thanks to a boat renting at the better price with Samboat.



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