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All you need to know to rent a boat with a skipper

18 September 2020

All you need to know to rent a boat with a skipper

Who has never dreamed of spending a week cruising on a magnificent sailboat? For some people, you start looking at itineraries and where you are going to explore, except you lack an essential point, nautical knowledge. Renting a boat with a skipper is the ideal solution for those who wish to discover the pleasures of the sea. But what does boat rental with skipper consist of?

When renting a boat with a skipper, there are several things you should take into account and certain things you should know before. To make it more enjoyable for your party and to have a stress free vacation, we are including the most important info while answering your most common questions.

skipper on board of a sailboat

Why you should rent with a skipper?

Renting a boat with a skipper is a great opportunity if you want to sail in complete peacefulness. The skipper will take charge of guiding you on your sailing trip, whether it is for one day or several weeks.

One of the biggest perks of hiring a boat with a skipper is their intense knowledge of the area. Since they are passionate about the sea, and most likely have sailed around the area millions of times, they will be able to show you some hidden gems and must see stops.

Organising a charter with a skipper

Departing at sea with your skipper

When it comes to renting a habitable boat, you will have the option to spend a few days or even a few weeks on board. The objective of a cruise is to sleep and live on your boat while sailing. Before your departure you will be welcomed by your skipper who will introduce you to the boat and give you a briefing on safety on board. Once the inventory of fixtures is done and the documents signed, you will be ready to set sail.

Since this is your charter, you have complete control over where you want to go or how long to stay at each destination. The skipper will discuss your itinerary with you giving you his recommendations, but at the end it all comes down to you.

Life at Sea

Before you embark on a long journey at sea, it might be important to find out what kind of services and equipment are provided on board. For most people that are not accustomed to this lifestyle, it is best to prepare in advance on how to avoid small things like seasickness.

Having the skipper on board

Since the skipper is a full member of the crew, he will be on board with you throughout the entirety of the cruise. One important thing that should not be overlooked is he will need his own cabin and of course, he’ll have access to the common areas. Since he is a professional skipper, they will respect your privacy and they will be sure that you fully enjoy your time on board.

cooking on board of a sailboat

Another important aspect that one should never forget is that the skipper has to eat as well. When planning the meals for the charter, don’t forget to include a plus one for your captain.

Nights at sea

In most areas, overnight sailing is strictly prohibited so finding a place to spend the night is essential. If you decide to stay at the port, you will have to pay anywhere from 30 to 150 euros per night depending on the location and the size of the boat you rented. You will have plenty of perks that come with this price including access to several resources. If you prefer to stay out at sea, you can find anchorages which are suitable for overnight stays.

What is the role of the skipper?

The skipper’s main duties are to steer and captain the boat. No need to worry about the manoeuvres when leaving the port and mooring the boat. In addition to simply driving the boat, he will continuously analyze the weather and adapt your itinerary if needed.

skipper making knots on sailboat

Please note that the skipper is in charge of all the management of the boat, but his role is not to carry out household chores, cook or look after the children. His missions concern the smooth running of the ship in the port, navigation, anchorage as well as the safety of the passengers.

Concerning the responsibilities of the skipper on the boat, the skipper is responsible for the boat and its passengers. He is in charge of the safety on board the boat as well as the navigation. He is the captain of the boat, he will take all the necessary decisions for the good of everyone on board. He has a professional civil responsibility leaving you in full tranquility.