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Sailing Itinerary: 7 days to discover Malta

26 April 2021

Sailing Itinerary: 7 days to discover Malta

Sailing in Malta is one of the most satisfying experiences and is surely at the top of the to-do lists for sailors all over the world. Discover virgin beaches and hidden spots in translucent water. Welcome to the coast of Malta! This sailing itinerary in Malta starting from the port of Valletta. And here is a journey that will make your heart capsize between translucent water, white sand and rocky landscapes.

Map of the 7 days itinerary in Malta

Practical information for sailing in Malta

We advise you to sail this itinerary from April to October. However, it is preferable to leave in May-June and September-October when the number of visitors will be lower.

Day 1: Valletta → Kalkara Marina

2.3 nautical miles, 30 minutes of sailing

For your first day, we strongly recommend that you wake up early to enjoy the sunny day and discover the old town of Valletta before setting sail. The history of Malta is strongly reflects in the aesthetics of Valletta.

View of the port in Valletta

In the afternoon, sail towards the Kalkara creek. Located opposite Valletta in Malta’s large harbour. During this cruise, admire the beauty and picturesque qualities of this region and familiarize yourself with your boat while enjoying the calm sea.

Stunning view of the Kalkara church along the port

We advise you to anchor in the Kalkara marina, where you will spend a quiet night.

Day 2: Kalkara Marina → Marsaxlokk

9.1 nautical miles, 2 hours of sailing

After a night at anchor in the Kalkara Marina, prepare yourself for a unique tourist experience, which you can only experience by sailing the southern coast of Malta. You will sail close to historic castles and other monuments that have defined the personality of the country. Make sure you have your camera close at hand.

View of the anchoring colourful boats in the port in Marsaxlokk

While sailing, drop anchor and enjoy a swim in its warm, translucent waters. You have now arrived in Marsaxlokk, a traditional fishing village. There, we advise you to discover the remains of the Tas Silg temple, shop at the food market where the prices are unbeatable and dine in one of its seafood restaurants!

On the subject of anchorage, we advise you to spend the night in the bay of Marsaxlokk, for example in front of Birebbuga at the end of the bay.

Day 3: Marsaxlokk → Golden Bay

17.5 nautical miles, 3.5 hours of sailing

One of the destinations you will hear most about is the Golden Bay. These fine sandy beaches will amaze you. Golden Bay is Blue Flag certified. It’s the perfect place to show off your water sports skills. Water skiing and wakeboarding will be there! The bay is also known for its convenience, however, it can be very busy during the high season, so plan accordingly.

Stunning aerial view of the Golden bay showing the imposant cliffs on the beach

Day 4: Golden Bay → Comino (Kemmuna)

5.6 nautical miles, 1 hour of sailing

Just when you begin to doubt that the Maltese region could be more beautiful, you will arrive on the island of Comino. The island is popular among tourists and locals alike, mainly for day trips, as it is inhabited by only a small number of people.

Aerial view of Comino with the stunning cliffs and anchoring boats in crystal clear water

The island boasts some of the best places for snorkeling and diving. From here you can choose between St. Nicholas Bay, St. Mary’s Bay or the classic Blue Lagoon. And you will be able to anchor in these same areas.

Day 5: Comino → Port of Mgarr

2 nautical miles, 24 minutes of sailing

A few nautical miles from Comino is the island of Gozo, the second largest island in the archipelago. When you arrive at the port of Mgarr, you will feel a different sensation and atmosphere. The island is undoubtedly more rural and its landscapes are much greener than those of the main island.

View of the port of Mgarr showing the buildings on the coast and the anchoring boats

As you enter the port, chances are you will recognize it from a photograph or a work of art. Over the last century, artists have tried to capture its magnificent beauty on several occasions. It goes without saying that you will know the exact reason for this as soon as you see it.

Day 6: Mgarr Harbour → St. Paul’s Bay

2 nautical miles, 24 minutes of sailing

On this second to last day of sailing, we strongly advise you to sail around the island of Gozo, and to finish in the bay of Saint-Paul located on the north coast of the main island. The coast is covered with breathtaking cliffs, caves and bays simply unimaginable. In addition to the natural beauty, you will see ancient temples, old fortresses and endless caves.

Aerial view of the Saint Paul bay

During this stopover, you will benefit from a quieter environment. The tranquility and peace that the region brings will be the best way to start the return trip.

Day 7: Bay of St Paul → Valletta

15.5 nautical miles, 3 hours of sailing

It’s time to return home safely after this 7-day sailing itinerary. For this return trip, we propose to sail along the northern coast of Valletta, just like the rest of the archipelago, this coast will not disappoint you. With several bays and monuments along the coast, take your time and enjoy the last moments with breathtaking scenery.

Sunset view of the stunning city of Valletta

This sailing itinerary in Malta is both ambitious and extremely rewarding. It will remain unforgettable for years to come. The scenery and blue waters will make you look forward to future return dates. Now we can only advise you to rent a boat again in Malta and explore the region from a different perspective.

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  1. […] The next day, leave the glamourous Hollywood-esque hills behind for the island of Gozo – covered with jaw-dropping cliffs, bays and caves. Time to get your sweat on as you embark on a breathtaking hike across the island, taking in the natural beauty. After a rewarding session, grab a Ħobż Biż-żejt, a native sandwich made with tomato paste, capers, tuna chunks and olive oil, from kiosk Simenta. Wash down the sandwich with Cisk, a local lager – now that’s what we call fine dining!After spending the last few days living the Below Deck experience, it’s time to return to Valletta in style in your sleek and sporty Predator Mamy yacht. Oh, how the other half lives!For more fun check these alternative Malta sailing routes […]

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