Šibenik Itinerary: Enjoy 7 days in the Croatian coast

by | Feb 26, 2020

Croatia is one of the most attractive destinations in Europe, due to its many beautiful ports and all year-round sunny temperature. Šibenik is a beautiful, historic city located on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. Rent a boat in Šibenik and get to know coast from different perspective and to see the most extraordinary places around.

A map of an itinerary of a 7 day sailing trip in Sibenik and ports around it

Practical Information

We recommend you to take this cruise from April to October, more preferably in April, May and September when the city is less crowded with tourists, perfect for a boat rental in Croatia. During your trip to Šibenik, always keep a wind map with you and regularly check the weather forecast.

Day 1: Šibenik

On this first day, take time to explore the beautiful town of Šibenik. It is one of the oldest Croatian towns and despite a large number of tourists in recent years, it has managed to keep its authenticity.

An aerial overview of UNESCO world heritage of St James cathedral and the surrounding buildings in Sibenik at the seaside of the Adriatic Sea.

During your journey, you will undoubtedly come across the Cathedral of St. James. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this completely renovated monument is a true artistic masterpiece.

There are several marinas in Šibenik. However, we recommend the Madalina marina, located on the eastern part of the bay. The professionalism of the marina staff is excellent and the facilities are modern and convenient.

Day 2: Šibenik → Prvić

5.6 nautical miles, 1 hour of sailing

Second day of your cruise, it is time to discover the Croatian Islands. Sail towards the island of Prvić : mandatory passage during your cruise.

Two boats in the bay of Prvic in Croatia with clear water and blue sky

From Šibenik, you will dock at Prvić Luka, a typical Croatian fishing village. You will find a few restaurants where you can eat seafood.
Once you will arrive in Prvić, you will find peace and quiet away from mass tourism.

At Prvić Luka, there are several mooring options: you can anchor there, or moor at the dock with the buoys provided. Keep in mind, that the area is protected from winds except those coming from the South and Southeast direction.

Day 3: Prvić → Konoba Opat

17.1 nautical miles, 3 hours 25 minutes of sailing

Set sail for the Bay of Opat, located in the Kornati Island National Park. This heavenly bay offers everything you need for a relaxing and unforgettable day: turquoise water, calmness and breathtaking sights.

Aerial view of the Bay of Opat in Croatia surrounding with islands, boats and buildings

Moreover, on the bay of Opat, there is a restaurant called the Konoba Opat, which is well known among the sailors of the area. It is an ideal place to enjoy a seafood platter and other local, Dalmatian specialties. Perfect after a full day of sailing and swimming. There is place for about twenty boats on the docks in front of the restaurant. So there’s plenty of room!

Day 4: Konoba Opat → Telašćica 

16.4 nautical miles, 3 hours 20 minutes of sailing

The beauty of Croatia will never cease to amaze you. For this fourth day of sailing, we advise you to set sail in the direction of Telašćica located south of “Dugi Otok”. We advise you to leave early as the crossing is long.

An aerial view of Telascica with coast, boats and the Adriatic sea

During your sailing do not hesitate to spend a few hours in Lojena. It is a dreamy beach that is well worth the detour!

Once you reach the bay of Telašćica, which is also a national park, and it is the deepest and most protected bay in the whole Adriatic Sea. The island being rarely populated, it has become an oasis of peace.

To access this charming place, a fee of 60 euros per person per day must be paid.

Day 5: Telašćica → Sali

6.6 nautical miles, 1 hour 20 minutes of sailing

After this unforgettable stopover in the bay of Telašćica. Continue to head in the direction of Sali: an atypical town located on the east coast of the island of Dugi Otok.

Overview of the port of Sali in Croatia with multiple boats, colourful buildings and clear blue sky

Sali is the largest town on the island. A medical centre, a few restaurants and shops as well as a cash machine make it a nerve centre of the archipelago.

In the summer, the atmosphere is at the top, you will discover the folk songs and you can taste the traditional dishes too.

It’s important to note that the marina of Sali is only open from 1 April to 30 October.

Day 6: Sali → Cap sur Žut

7.7 nautical miles, 1.5 hours of sailing

Aerial view of the sunset over Cap sur Zut

After this vibrant night in Sali, sail to the Kornati Islands and anchor in Žut, an island unpopulated in the winter and sparsely populated in the summer with only a few fishermen’s houses. Still wild like the rest of the islands in the archipelago, there is only one restaurant on the island.

Note that parking at the buoys is free if you eat at the island’s restaurant, where you will find everything you need to moor your boat. However, the area is not protected from north and north-east winds.

Day 7: Cap sur Žut → Murter Kornati

13.1 nautical miles, 2.5 hours of sailing

Aerial view of Murter Kornati in Croatia presenting the bay, port, trees and boats

On the 7th day, sail towards the island of Murter and to the city under the same name where you will anchor. This is one of the main cities of the Kornati Islands. In fact, most of the inhabitants of this town own the islands that make up the archipelago.

The town is very well protected from the winds and you can anchor your boat there without any problem.

Day 8: Return to Šibenik

28.3 nautical miles, 5 hours of sailing

On this last day of sailing, it’s time to head back to Šibenik and sail towards the Mandalina marina. Take the last chance of this last trip to enjoy the beautiful landscapes in the Adriatic Sea

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