Spend a dream day on a boat to explore Porto Vecchio

by | Jun 23, 2020

About 30 kilometres north of Bonifacio, the seaside resort of Porto Vecchio offers heavenly beaches and numerous sailing possibilities. Renting a boat in Porto Vecchio is the ideal solution to enjoy the coastline of southern Corsica and discover the famous beaches of the Strait of Bonifacio. Set sail to spend a day on a boat in Porto Vecchio

Practical information

In the south of Corsica, the port of Porto Vecchio is a marina hidden between the sea and the mountains, so ideal for a day’s boat trip. The mouths of Bonifacio being among the windiest places, it is best to check the weather forecast before sailing.

View of the itinerary of the one day on a boat in Porto Vecchio

Departure from Porto Vecchio by boat → Cerbicale Islands

Because it is smaller than Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio is a beautiful and quiet seaside resort, ideal for relaxing walks along a sea surrounded by mountains. It is therefore an ideal place to rent a boat and spend a day on a boat in Porto Vecchio. From the pretty port of Porto Vecchio, go in the direction of the Cerbicale Islands Nature Reserve.

View of the port in Porto Vecchio with the surrounding city and greenery

This small preserved archipelago consists of 6 islands: Piertricaggiosa, Forana, Maestro Maria, Piana, Toro and the Rock of the Vacca. A few kilometres from the Corsican coast, the Cerbicale Islands form an archipelago where mooring, fishing and hunting are prohibited. These small islands also offer you a very diverse panorama and wildlife.

Cerbicale Islands → Cavallo Island

Located in the Lavezzi Islands archipelago, the island of Cavallo was once known as the island of the billionaires. Only 2 kilometres from Bonifacio, this private island has a unique landscape that only a few lucky people can enjoy. However, you will be able to sail around it or anchor nearby, and admire this preserved and privileged island from a distance.

View of the Cavallo Island showing rocks in the sea

Cavallo Island → Lavezzi Islands

It’s time to dock on the well-known islands of southern Corsica: the Lavezzi Islands. An essential part of the natural reserve of the Bouches de Bonifacio, the Lavezzi archipelago offers you a typical Mediterranean landscape. You will be able to moor on the Lavezzi Island, a natural reserve between rocks and turquoise waters.

View of the Lavezzi Islands showing the blue sea, white sandy beach and rocks around

You can even take advantage of it to go snorkeling and discover a real colourful fish paradise. Note that it is forbidden to walk off the paths, and that you won’t find a restaurant on the island. You will therefore have to picnic or wait for the next stopover to eat there.

Lavezzi Islands → Rondinara Bay

7 nautical miles north of Piantarella, you can reach the famous bay of Rondinara. Its picturesque beaches make it a perfect stop for an improvised photo shoot. Voted several times the most beautiful beach in France and even in Europe.

Aerial view of the Rondinara Bay showing the surrounding greenery

The bay of Rondinara will definitely charm you with its unique shape and its calmness. In Rondinara, you will find some small restaurants if you need. There is enough food to eat halfway through the day trip.

Rondinara → Porto Novo Gulf

Not far from the bay of Rondinara you can find the Gulf of Porto Novo. Only accessible by boat, the bay offers you a wild landscape between rocks and pine forests. This private little paradise allows you to spend a relaxing stopover before returning to the port. If you still have some time to spend, it’s an ideal driving spot!

View of the Porto Novo Gulf showing the rocks in the sea and the surrounding greenery

Porto Novo → Santa Giulia Beach

Last stop before the end of this day on a boat in the area of Porto Vecchio is the beach of Santa Giulia. 9 kilometres south of Porto Vecchio, Santa Giulia is classified as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by UNESCO. It is an essential stopover when sailing near Porto Vecchio.

View of the Santa Giulia bay  showing clear blue water and rocks in the sea

Be careful however, as it’s one of the most emblematic beaches of Corsica, it means that it’s also one of the most popular. During high season you can find many tourists there. You can anchor there or simply pass in front of it before returning to Porto Vecchio.

Return to Porto Vecchio

Drive along the Cerbicale Islands and the cliffs along the coast on this final stretch before returning to Porto Vecchio. Once you return to the port, enjoy the city and its authentic charm one last time.

Aerial view of the bay of Santa Giulia

Finish your sailing day with a walk in the city between the historical monuments and the port. Finally, you will find many excellent restaurants that are ideal for dinner at the end your one day on a boat in Porto Vecchio.

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