Top 10 Travel Youtubers You Should Definitely Follow

by | Jul 10, 2020

Nowadays, you can explore new places without leaving your home. This is only possible thanks to the amazing travel Youtubers online. There are tons of Youtubers out there because travel contents are one of the most popular category to watch on Youtube. They can give you plenty of inspirations, knowledge, travel hacks and introduce you to new destinations. Moreover, travel vloggers can create a desire for travel and adventure in you. Here is a list of top 10 Travel Youtubers we highly recommend following.

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1. Lost Le Blanc

Christian Le Blanc is behind the well known Youtube channel called Lost Le Blanc. He quit his job to travel the world and grow a successful Youtube channel with more than 1.5million subscribers. If you are into high quality videography and unique travel content, we highly recommend his channel. You will surely get many inspirations to book a ticket and go on an adventure.

Find Lost Le Blanc Youtube channel here.

2. Fun For Louis

Louis Cole or better known as Fun For Louis on the internet, is one of the best known travel influencers from the UK. His passion for travel is undeniable as he shows his exciting adventures regularly. He has more than 2 million followers on his Youtube channel. He has travelled the world and been in plenty of interesting places, furthermore, he truly inspires others. For example, one of his recent travel was to Costa Rica.

Find Fun For Louis Youtube channel here.

3. Vagabrothers

Marko and Alex are the brothers behind the well popular Vagabrothers Youtube channel. They produce high quality videos with sharing plenty of travel knowledge with their followers. They not only share and capture the destinations but also show the local culture, their personality, value and hidden stories behind these places. Very interesting and inspiring Youtube channel that you should definitely check out.

Find the Vagabrothers Youtube channel here.

4. Flying The Nest

Stephen & Jess are behind the popular Youtube channel called Flying the Nest. They have a passion for travel and discovering new places around the world. They not only share their travel contents, but also give a peek into their everyday life too. Before they became a family of three, they recently visited Hawaii, Fiji, Canada and did a European tour with visiting tons of cities in the region.

Find Flying the Nest Youtube channel here.

5. The Endless Adventure

Eric and Allison are the travel couple behind the popular The Endless Adventure Youtube channel. Their aim is to discover stunning places and unique local food around the world. Furthermore, they invite their audience to enjoy their adventures through high quality vlogs. If you are looking for a fun and exciting travel Youtube channel, you should check out The Endless Adventure because you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Find The Endless Adventure Youtube channel here.

6. Mark Wiens

If you are interested in food related content you should check out Mark Wiens’s Youtube chanel. He regularly uploads 2 videos a week where he shows the best street food around the world. He perfectly combines food and travel content in his videos. One of his latest adventures on his channel is from Budapest, where he tried the local food while showing the most popular attractions in the city.

Find Mark Wiens Youtube channel here.

7. Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine is a female travel vlogger who uploads new and exciting videos once a week. She not only shares how she is exploring different destinations but she also shares many travel advices and hacks. She makes funny and realistic videos with plenty of energy and creativity. If you are looking for any travel advice from an authentic and lovely person, you should subscribe to Nadine. You can also check out her blog where she shares her experiences in a written format.

Find Hey Nadine Youtube channel here.

8. Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are a married couple from the USA who decided to travel the world together. They share various types of content from travel hacks to destinations, so everything you should know before your next trip. Amazingly, after travelling for 4 years, they reached their goal to visit 100 country in the world! Luckily, there is no need to worry as their adventures won’t stop at this point. If you are interested in a fun and adventurous travel channel, Kara and Nate is definitely the perfect choice!

Find Kara and Nate Youtube channel here.

9. The Bucket List Family

If you are looking for an excellent family travel channel, you can’t go wrong by checking out The Bucket List Family. The Gee family is regularly documenting they travel adventures around the world with their 3 kids. Their aim is to discover as many places on their family bucket list as possible. With these videos they give inspiration for many families by showing that travelling with kids is possible. For example, their most recent adventures include Australia and discovering Disneyland.

Find The Bucket List Family Youtube channel here.

10. Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore is a photographer who inspires many by posting regular high quality content on her Youtube channel. Even though she not just posting travel related content, you will fall in love with her unique style and creativity. Her latest videos include showing her recently bought house in Iceland and showing how the country looks like without the tourists in the country.

Find Sorelle Amore Youtube channel here.

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