Top 4 Sailing Blogs You Should Definitely Follow

10 September 2020

Top 4 Sailing Blogs You Should Definitely Follow

There is no bigger inspiration for sailing as going through some of these amazing blogs. They have plenty of experience and showing the real side of sailing. If you are a sailing enthusiast or you want to know get some inspiration here is the top 4 sailing blogs you should follow. Keep in mind, they will create the desire to charter a yacht for your next holiday by looking at their stunning content.

Phone on the deck of the boat

1. Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabone is one of the most popular sailing blog in the world. The Australian couple Elayna and Riley and their son Lennon have more than 1 million subscribers on Youtube. Their expertise and wide knowledge is undeniable as they have been living on a boat for 7 years. If you want to follow their adventures they regularly upload videos on their Youtube channel. They sailed across many oceans around the world and their adventures does not end. Moreover, they document every part of their daily adventures, providing sailing tips, sailing guides.

You can find Sailing La Vagabonde blog here.

2. SV Delos

SV Delos is a well famous and popular sailing blog with having more than half a million subscribers on Youtube. They have travelled across the world with thousands of ocean miles behind their back. They are documenting their sailing experiences to inspire others to travel and to follow their dreams. Recent videos show their everyday life, cooking on board and isolation on board.

You can find SV Delos blog here.

3. Tula’s Endless Summer

Tula’s Endless Summer is such a fun and inspiring blog to follow and keep an eye on. Behind the popular blog, there are Bill, Sierra and their dog Jetty. Currently they are living and travelling on a sailing catamaran where they document their adventures both for the blog and for their Youtube channel. Their content varies from fun adventures to educational content. You will find everything interesting related to sailing and living on a boat, eating and everything interesting.

You can find Tula’s Endless Summer blog here.

4. Sailing Zatara

And last, but not least on the top 5 sailing blogs are Sailing Zatara. Their blog is very unique as they are a family of six living on a boat and exploring the world. Their blog and Youtube channel is completly a fun family-friendly platform. They are sharing their experiences, adventures and family life on board. Their recent adventures include self isolating on a boat, practical information about Fiji and everyday activities on boat. Definitely a blog that you should check out if you are looking for some information or want to enjoy good quality sailing content.

You can find Sailing Zatara blog here.