Top 5 Caribbean Sailing Routes to Avoid the Winter

by | Nov 28, 2019

An adventurous trip to the Caribbean is all about the crystal clear, cerulean water and warm winds. The reflection of the stunning moon on the waves and sounds of the ocean are part of the Caribbean ecstasy. The Caribbean islands are the perfect destination for the ones looking for a luxurious yet natural vacation.  

Here are the top 5 Caribbean Sailing routes that you can add to your vacation for having a delightful experience.

1. British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, a mesmerizing archipelago full of wonderful islands spanning 153 square kilometers. The BVI have four main islands and over 50 smaller islands that are a paradise for all sailors. 

Because of the location and the warm climate, the main sport of all of the islands is of course sailing. The calm and steady waters make it a haven for sailing events and it hosts some of the main regattas in the Carribbean. 

The rich culture along with its accessibility to all of the islands makes it ideal for beginning to very experienced sailors. We suggest a nice week of sailing where you can island hop and find the hidden treasures of the area. 

Overview of one of the coasts of the BVI

2. St. Lucia

Resting right in the heart of the Eastern Caribbean, little St. Lucia is a beautiful beach. It is covered with palm trees and expanses of untouched rainforests surrounded by the Piton mountains. The famous champagne sunsets and clear starry skies are to be found in St. Lucia, making it the best destination to spend a romantic holiday. 

The shore has impressive waterfalls, luxury marinas, seaside cafes, and mineral baths for you to experience pure class. Every corner of this beach has its secrets and surprises for you. The locals of this island are pretty hospitable and will make sure you get the best treatment from their hometown.

Sailboats and cliffs on the coast of St. Lucia

3. Martinique 

A jewel of the West Indies, the incredible beaches and beauty will give you plenty to see during your sailing trip in Martinique. A true point to prove it’s worth to sailors is it’s 350 kilometers of coastline. The large sandy beaches and beautiful corals will leave you in awe. Because of these corals, not only is it a major sailing destination but also a main destination for snorkeling and diving. 

The main departure point for Martinique is usually Le Marin which provides a great start. When sailing north, you’ll encounter beautiful landscapes with a wild and tropical environment. Apart from this, you will see far less tourists, which is always a plus for an added aspect of relaxation. With 5 moorings in total, you’ll have no problem exploring the island and making the most of it. 

Aerial view of the crystal clear waters and cliffs in the Martinique

4. Cuba

The uniqueness of the beaches relies on the fantastic landscape and under-utilized sailing routes of Cuba. The island is located at the south of Florida coastlines, near Miami. The place is full of mystery and incredible history, with mesmerizing culture and architecture sense. 

Some activities around Cuba may include visiting the Playa Paraiso at Cayo Largo and dining at the beautiful traditional fare at the Finca Agroecologica. In fact, a trip to the old city of Havana is the most adventurous part of this place. Deep-sea diving and snorkeling are also some of the activities you can enjoy at the beaches of Cuba. 

Small beach house on the coast of Cuba with turquoise green waters

5. Grenada

Grenada covers three magnificent islands, located just near the Grenadines. It is known for its clear water and tidal pools, beautiful beaches, and coral reefs. Grenada is a place for relaxation and enjoying the harmony of mother nature, alongside some water sports. 

Amazing cultural and historical monuments and art of the Europeans and South Americans can still be seen at different places of Grenada. Its shores are ready all year round for sailing and yachts are always there for your vacations. 

Gulet sailing on the coast of Grenada

Someone great said, ‘One who hasn’t learned about the secrets of the beaches hasn’t yet experienced the beauty of relaxation and joy.’ These top 5 Caribbean sailing routes shall make your holidays a perfect adventure, and you will never forget the peace and joy you earned from it. 

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