5 Best Places To Visit In Croatia By Boat

by | Aug 19, 2020

Croatia is one of the most magical places to visit in Europe by boat. The country is rich in stunning cities along the coast, secret bays and beautiful natural landscapes. It has something to offer for all types of travellers. That is the reason it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations. Moreover, thanks to the weather there is a long sailing season from April to October, an added benefit. Given the numerous ports in Croatia along the Adriatic coast, it is a dream sailing destination for sure!

No matter which places you decide to visit in Croatia, either small uninhabited islands or busy seaside cities, it will definitely amaze you! Croatia is definitely a place where everyone can spend a dream holiday. Here is a list of 5 of the best places to visit in your next boat rental in Croatia.


Split is the second biggest city in Croatia located in the Dalmatian region of the country. Given its location and facilities, Split is an excellent starting point for a perfect sailing holiday along the Adriatic Sea.

The city has rich historical culture shows that its historical centre is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Moreover, there are plenty of museums, stunning architecture and beautiful beaches in Split.

Aerial view of the port and the city of Split in Croatia


Dubrovnik is located in the southern part of Croatia and is one of the most famous cities in the country. It doesn’t come as a surprise because the city is a unique combination of history and beautiful natural landscapes.

If you are planning a sailing holiday, Dubrovnik can be an excellent starting point as it has a nice big port with plenty of available boats to hire. Moreover, you can find stunning places around to visit.

Beautiful view of Dubrovnik showing the city and the wall along the sea


Pula is the largest city in the Istrian Peninsula along the Adriatic coast. This unique city will immediately mesmerize you! The city has a unique atmosphere due to its rich historical culture and stunning architecture in the city. Definitely won’t miss out on visiting the Roman amphitheatre which is one of the main attractions in Pula.

View of the famous amphitheatre in Pula

You can either include Pula as a stopover on your itinerary or start your sailing holiday here. It has an excellent geographic location to set sail and discover the well-famous and beautiful Istria.


ล ibenik is a beautiful city located in central Dalmatia along the Adriatic coast of Croatia, where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea.

Aerial view of Sibenik town along the coastline

Sibenik is an excellent place to visit by boat because it gives you plenty of opportunities to explore in the region. You can reach from Sibenik the Kornati islands, other seaside towns and national parks to discover in the area in more depth.


And finally on the list is Trogir, a unique Croatian seaside town located near Sibenik and Split. We highly recommend visiting Trogir as a stopover on your itinerary. As the town is relatively small, spending one day here is perfect to explore its beauty. Given that it’s relatively close to Split or Sibenik, it’s a perfect place to put in your itinerary as a daytime activity. The charm of this town will make this stopover very memorable. Due to the high number of historical sites, it’s part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Trogir is definitely one of the best places to visit in Croatia by boat.

Aerial view of Trogir town in Croatia
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