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7-day cruise in Sardinia: Idyllic anchorages and amazing villages!

12 August 2020

7-day cruise in Sardinia: Idyllic anchorages and amazing villages!

Head towards the Emerald Coast to discover Sardinia in total disconnection mode! From Porto Cervo to Bonifacio, via the Maddalena Islands, set off on an unusual cruise from the small village of Portisco. Here is our 7-day itinerary to sail on a sailboat or catamaran, with or without skipper.

Practical information for sailing in Sardinia

Weather and wind conditions

Northern Sardinia is a very pleasant sailing area. It is the ideal area for a first boat rental in Sardinia. Its numerous anchorages shelter you from all winds. In high season, the west-northwest wind, the Mistral, can blow sometimes up to 30 knots. And we advise you to leave in May or October to avoid the busy periods.

Anchorages in Sardinia

Those of northern Sardinia have the particularity of being well protected and offer a sublime setting to admire. The Maddalena archipelago in particular, abounds in magnificent anchorages, such as Cala Andreani or Cala Lunga.

Map of the one week itinerary in Sardinia

Day 1: Visit Portisco

First day of your cruise in Sardinia, meet at the port of Portisco. This small port is about 20 minutes from Olbia airport by car. There are also several bus lines that allow you to make the trip in just under 40 minutes. But before setting out to sea, take some time to discover Portisco. This small village is a very strategic point in Sardinia, especially with its Marina. Between authentic landscapes and heavenly beaches, Portisco offers many services. Restaurants, shops, bars, and traditional houses will set the tone for your cruise!

Aerial view of Portisco

Day 2: Portisco → Porto Cervo

9.4 nautical miles, 1 hour 50 minutes

It’s time to set sail for Porto Cervo. Not far from Portisco, sail along the sublime Costa Smeralda. Very touristy in summer, Porto Cervo will charm you with its atypical streets, less popular at the beginning or end of the season. As you approach the marina or the main shopping streets, such as the Sottopiazza and the Passeggiata, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a celebrity. You can spend the night at anchor, at the quayside or on a buoy. Anchoring at anchor is prohibited.

Beautiful bay in Porto Cervo with clear blue sea and the surrounding greenery

Day 3: Porto Cervo → Maddalena

9.7 nautical miles, 1 hour 45 minutes of sailing

Stunning bay in Maddalena with crystal clear water and the surrounding cliffs along the coast

Third day of cruising in Sardinia, set sail for one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the area. The Maddalena Islands are located 16 nautical miles from Porto Cervo. Several anchorages, each one more amazing than the other, are at your disposal. You can anchor at the Cala Lunga or Cala Andreani anchorage on a windless day. In case of a strong Mistral wind, take refuge in Cala di Villamarina. This charming anchorage, nestled between the rocks and the forest, promises a complete change of scenery.

Day 4: Maddalena → Porto Pollo

46.1 nautical miles, 9 hours of sailing

View of Porto Pollo showing the cliffs along the coast and clear blue sky

It’s a very short navigation that awaits you to reach Porto Pollo. The opportunity to devote your day to visiting the city or to practice a nautical activity. It is indeed the flagship spot for surfing, kitesurfing and sailing. Beginners and experienced alike, you will be able to face the waves and spice up your day! The culinary specialties of the region will delight your taste buds: from malloreddus, to culurgiones or the galluous zuppa … a real treat!

Day 5: Porto Pollo → Bonifacio

30.8 nautical miles, 6 hours of sailing

Aerial view of a coastline in Bonifacio showing a sharp stunning cliff

Fifth day cruise in Sardinia. How about a stopover on French soil? Heading for Bonifacio, a must in South Corsica, which we had to include in this itinerary. The cliffs, symbol of this Mediterranean landscape, overlook a turquoise water that invites you to take a little swim. At night, enjoy a dinner in one of the restaurants of the town, before spending the night in the port of Bonifacio.

Day 6: Bonifacio → Santa Teresa

9.8 nautical miles, 2 hours of sailing

View of a bay in Santa Teresa with clear blue sea and cliffs along the coast

Leave France and set sail in the direction of Santa Teresa. This short navigation will allow you to fully enjoy this beautiful commune of La Gallura. The many hidden coves, the old town and its colourful streets welcome you with open arms, to end this cruise in Sardinia in style. The one of Capo Testa lends itself as well to hiking as to diving. Moreover, it offers a beautiful view of the Lavezzi Islands of Corsica. And what could be better than letting yourself be lulled by the sunset during a last dinner at anchor?

Day 7: Santa Teresa → Portisco

27.5 nautical miles, 5.5 hours of sailing

Last day of your cruise in Sardinia, get up early to return to the original port. 29 nautical miles separate Santa Teresa Gallura from Portisco. Nevertheless, take the time to make a stopover at Mortorio, the emblematic island of the Maddalena. Once you arrive in Portisco, don’t forget to top up your water and fuel, as well as check out with your boat owner or base chief. We hope that this nice cruise will make you want to rent a boat again in Sardinia, or even elsewhere!

Should you be interested in a sail in the South of Sardinia, we’ve got you covered!