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Zakynthos Itinerary: 6 days to explore the island & its surroundings

25 November 2021


Zakynthos Itinerary: 6 days to explore the island & its surroundings

Do you want to explore Zakynthos and its most beautiful beaches? This six-day itinerary is ideal for you.

Zakynthos is the third-largest island of the Ionian group, it is an exotic island with wonderful scenery and beautiful beaches. Zakynthos is ideal for all types of sailors, especially for beginners. Explore all its secrets and visit beautiful places not far from this huge island.

Day 1: Zakynthos

Zakynthos port

The port of Zakynthos is the best place to start an itinerary to visit the island and the most popular areas around it. This village has a typical Greek scene with whitewashed houses, tavernas and fishing boats. Enjoy the local food and the beaches in the area.

Day 2: Towards the village of Keri

10 nautical miles

Caves in Keri, Zakynthos

Head to the southern part of the island of Zakynthos and marvel at the wonders that the National Marine Park of Zakynthos has to offer. This Park covers several areas of the southern part of the island. Here you can find the island of Marathonisi and enjoy its deserted beach and amazing caves. The best place to anchor your boat is in the marina of Keri, which is a safe place to spend the night and enjoy the tranquillity of the area. Keri is a small town where you will find beaches, practice snorkelling and explore the caves. 

Day 3: Towards Navagio Beach & Agios Nikolaos

22 nautical miles 

Navigo beach 
Wrecked ship Zakynthos

You cannot say you have visited the island of Zakynthos without visiting Navigo Beach. This is your next destination, where you will find a ship that has been wrecked on the shores of the beach. This beach has beautiful blue waters and is ideal for swimming and spending time. After this stop, you should head towards the village of Agios Nikolaos, where you will find a marina with amenities for anchoring your boat. In this village, you will find supermarkets and several restaurants offering local food at very affordable prices.

Day 4: Towards Sami,  Kefalonia

20 nautical miles

Kefalonia island
Sami town

Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian group, its beaches with their blue waters and iconic flora. Its Venetian style architecture captures the attention of all visitors. Sami is a town with interesting attractions, such as its underground caves called Melissani and of course, its beautiful beaches with green and blue water. The port of Sami is one of the safest in the Ionian Islands and has additional services to make your stay more pleasant. Enjoy the village and its dreamlike scenery, stroll along the main coastal street and have a coffee in one of the cafes overlooking the harbour. 

Day 5: Towards Patras 

Patras city

51 nautical miles

It’s time to head to Greece’s third-largest city, known mostly for its large harbour that connects to Italy. Patras is a historical city and has sites such as the Medieval Castle and the Roman Odeon. It is a densely populated city with amazing nightlife. The ideal place to anchor your boat is at Nautilus Yacht Service. It is very close to the main port but is not as busy. It has several services that can be helpful such as water and fuel. This marina is very close to the main sites of the city and is very quiet at night. 

Day 6: Back to Zakynthos

50 nautical miles

After all these busy days of unparalleled experiences, it is time to return to the port of departure. You will return home with many stories to tell and unforgettable memories.

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