5 Reasons to Visit Sorrento

by | May 23, 2023

With the summer approaching now is the perfect time to plan your summer holiday. If you want to live your Italian dream, Sorrento is one of the most beautiful locations to choose to visit in Italy, with many locations and opportunities to explore there. If you still need to be convinced here are 5 reasons why you should set off to Sorrento this summer!

The delicious cuisine

If there is one thing you will take away from Sorrento, it is the delicious tastes and smells of the traditional and non-traditional foods of the region. Filled with picturesque and homely bars and restaurants, it is obvious that a lot of love is put into the art of cooking in Sorrento. While it is easy to find traditional Italian food in many restaurants, some of the region’s most popular and famed dishes include Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, cannelloni and limoncello. If you want to learn more about the popular dishes from Sorrento, check out our blog article on what to bring on a picnic in Sorrento.

Breathtaking Views

Like the neighbouring cities of Amalfi and Naples, Sorrento is known for its stunning views both natural and man-made. Some incredible views to explore can include the palazzos, which are a unique taste of Italian culture, or the popular sunset spot of the Villa Comunale Park, which overlooks the Bay of Naples and offers a breathtaking landscape. It is impossible to escape the rich Italian culture in Sorrento, and it really is a picture-perfect place to visit.

Incredible shopping scene

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Whether you are searching for an expensive luxury accessory or a small keepsake as a souvenir, Sorrento has you covered with an incredible shopping scene. For local foods, visit the traditional outdoor market of Mercato Rionale, which gives you an inside look into the lives of the locals. If you prefer high-end boutiques and shops, visit the popular street of Corso Italia, which is in a convenient location near many landmarks of the town and a great spot for an Insta-worthy photo. For unique and handmade gifts, the best place to visit is the Via Fuoro, where you can find many different souvenirs and shops, selling items such as jewellery or pottery.

Discovering the rich history

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Having such a rich history, including being rumoured to have been enchanted by sirens, and being home to civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, and the Etruscans, it is no wonder that Sorrento is home to some great historical sites. You can witness the history of the temple’s remains to the Goddess Atena or the Basilica Sant’Antonino. Even without visiting the historical sites, you will be able to see the influence and history throughout the town, such as on the pavements and alleyways.

Experiencing the water activities

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Being on the coast, Sorrento has not only incredible lands but also a lot of incredible water activities to try. One such place for a unique experience is bathing in the Bagni Regina Giovanna, a popular swimming spot only a short distance away from the town, which offers some of the most incredible sites in the town. For the thrill seekers, perhaps discovering the dive sites nearby would be a better way to spend your days, with some of the most interesting dive sites in Italy being just off the coast, including the Vervece island dive site, where you can see the submerged statue of the Madonna.

If we have successfully managed to convince you to visit Sorrento this summer, check out our dayboat itinerary for some more inspiration on ways to explore the town!

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