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7-day boat trip in the Bay of Naples

3 March 2022


7-day boat trip in the Bay of Naples

The Amalfi Coast stands out from the rest of the Italian landscape for its rugged terrain and unique natural scenery. By sailing along the southwest coast of Italy you will discover charming little coves, as well as inland landscapes, such as cultural sites, vineyards and volcanic landscapes. 

7-day boat trip in Naples

Discovering Naples

We suggest that you start your sailing itinerary along the Amalfi Coast from the city of Naples. The Bay of Naples is a must for a cruise. You can charter a boat in Naples directly from one of the city’s three ports: Salerrne, Procida and Castellammare di Stabia. 

Before setting sail, take time to visit its palaces and baroque churches. It is a lively town where it is very pleasant to walk through its small streets and large market. Once you have finished your tour around the city, you can set sail. The port of Naples is located in the centre, so you will be able to stock up on all the necessary supplies before your departure. Set sail towards the archaeological site of Pompeii. 

boat trip in naples

On your way to Vesuvius and Pompeii (11.1 miles – 2 hours)

It’s impossible to visit southern Italy without seeing the remains of the famous archaeological site of Pompeii. You’ll stop at the private marina of Torre Annunziata, where you can anchor your boat for the day and explore these historic remains. You can even take your adventure to the Vesuvius volcano. Vesuvius is now dormant and is an exceptional place for a discovery tour. The lunar-like volcanic landscape is a sight not to be missed. After a full day of sightseeing, you can sleep in the marina by anchoring your boat. 


The famous island of Capri (14,7 miles – 2h45)

After a good overnight rest at the base of the Vesuvius volcano, you will set sail again towards a completely different landscape. After a beautiful sail around the Bay of Naples, you will reach the famous island of Capri, a small Italian paradise very popular among tourists. During your cruise, you will sail around the island of Capri and see its cliffs pierced with caves. Don’t hesitate to stop at the blue grotto for those who love natural landscapes. Anchor your ship in the port of Capri to discover the charming little town with its narrow streets and elegant shops. Don’t leave Capri before relaxing in the beautiful bay of Marina Piccola. You are allowed to anchor in Marina Piccola, so you may decide to spend the night here. 

Boats in capri

Procida Island (15.8 miles – 3 hours)

Now, you will steer your boat towards the island of Procida. The island of Procida is the smallest in the Gulf of Naples and therefore protected from tourism. The Marina Della Corricela; is the ideal place to discover the area and its local culinary specialities based on seafood. Please note that if you decide to spend the night on the island of Procida, it is not possible to drop anchor anywhere, as regulations are stricter between June and September. However, it is possible to anchor for the night at Punta Cannuccia. 

sailing in Procida

The island of Ischia (6,8 miles – 1,5 hours)  

The following day you can go to the neighbour island of Ischia. It is a volcanic island located in the Gulf of Naples. You can enjoy the thermal springs and the numerous spas to relax. History lovers can visit the Aragonese castle on the island.

Ischia island

 Back to Naples harbour (18,4 miles – 3h45)

After having enjoyed your stay, it is time to return to the port of Naples. You will sail along the inner bay until you reach the harbour. Once you arrive at the harbour, you will be able to unload your boat before departing. 

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🍃 By doing this itinerary entirely under sail, you will cover 110 km and save 11 litres of fuel.